Rape-Victim, who is imprisoned in 2 rooms for 6 years: Unnao rape victim said – old wounds have not yet healed; Even today death threats are being received.

9 minutes agoAuthor: Raksha Singh

A 17-year-old girl from Unnao… who was raped by former BJP MLA Kuldeep Singh Sengar. The case was registered after 10 months. The victim’s father was arrested before the arrest of Kuldeep. He died in police custody after 4 days. 14 injury marks were found on the body. The case was progressing when a truck hit the victim’s car. The victim survived, but her aunt and uncle died.

Now Kuldeep Sengar has come out of jail. He has been granted bail by the court to attend the wedding of his daughter Aishwarya. After the bail was approved, the victim released a video saying that her life was in danger due to Kuldeep coming out. Even after six years, has the victim not been able to forget the incident or has she moved forward by collecting the remaining pieces of her life? Dainik Bhaskar spoke to the victim to know the answers to these questions. Let us tell you about his life page by page.

Life spent imprisoned in two rooms for 6 years
“Two room house, small kitchen and bathroom, Didi, this is all my life is left with. It was 6 years ago, when we were in Unnao. Kuldeep Sengar was the MLA at that time. We had heard many names that they help people. When we turned 17, we went to him to ask for a job. Little did I know that my going there would become the biggest shock for the family whose difficulties were going to be asked for a job. When we started talking to the 23-year-old Unnao rape victim, she spoke in one breath.

She wants to tell a lot. She was raped six years ago. There were attempts to kill him, but he did not give up. “My whole life turned upside down after those few minutes of rape,” she says. Today I can neither go anywhere of my own free will, neither do I have any friends nor am I able to live with my family.

I roam around these two rooms throughout the day. 6 CRPF policemen live in the downstairs room. Wherever we have to go, he goes with me. Before the accident, I used to go alone for every work in the village, I used to deal with everything alone. But now I have restrictions. I had to study, but for that also I cannot come out. That’s why the Women’s Commission made arrangements to get my studies done online. Now I am in 12th and also take computer classes.

My head starts spinning thinking about the accident, hot lava fills my eyes
Recalling the incident that happened to her, the victim says that our whole family paraded a lot. Of the police station, of the lawyers, of the court. Even then I was not getting justice. On one hand I was demanding registration of FIR. My mother was circling everywhere. On the other hand, one evening Kuldeep’s brother along with some people beat my father a lot and on the contrary got his father arrested by the police. Papa was sent to jail. Mother was not able to understand whether to get me justice or fight for father.

“That was the time when I felt that if I die then everyone’s problems will become easier. So I tried to commit suicide. But survived. The whole day used to pass by crying. The very next day my father was sent to jail. After some time his health started deteriorating and father died in custody.

The victim becomes completely silent after saying all this. With tears in her eyes, with a full throat, she says that she misses her father a lot. Had he been there, he would have been looking for a boy for my marriage today. He was always worried about my marriage. But these people took him away from us. Whenever the thought of my father comes to my mind, I remember the incident that happened to me. Even today thinking about it makes my head dizzy.

After stopping for some time, the victim says very angrily that these people were not satisfied even after taking my father’s life. They tried to kill me too. I survived, but my aunt and aunt died in the accident.

The villagers were silent as if they had smelled a snake.
We asked the victim that how much support did the people of the village give at that time? On this she says that the sister who lives in the neighborhood, the aunt who saw me from childhood, in whose house I used to play. None of those people supported me. Everyone was silent. Even those who trusted me did not say anything. He was afraid that if he supported me, he too would be implicated in this case.

On the other hand, there were some people who used to taunt me while coming and going. Some say that she is a young girl, she must have done something, while some say that the boy must have had an affair, that is why the girl trapped the MLA. Hearing those taunts, it seemed as if I was being raped every day even after that day.

Even today people come with their mouth tied and run away after threatening
Even today when I go to Unnao, people look at me as if I am not the daughter of this place. Even today people start whining as if it was my fault. Kuldeep Sengar was in jail but his people used to threaten him. Sometimes on foot and sometimes on a bike, he roamed around me with a cloth tied over his face. Threatening that there is still time to withdraw the case. Saying just this, he would have gone from there.

Supporters speaking on Sengar’s release, “My lion is coming, will know now”
The victim told that since the day Kuldeep’s bail was approved, we have started receiving threats. People leave from the front saying that our lion is coming back. Now you guys will know.

He told that I have still got security but what about my family? What about the witnesses who supported me? If something happens to them, then one day they will kill me too. That’s why I don’t want Kuldeep to get bail for so many days.

As I am my father’s daughter, so is his daughter
At last, the victim starts crying remembering her father. She says that if she had to be released for the daughter’s marriage, she would have done it for 2 days, what is the need of releasing her for so many days.

He said, “I have lost my father. That’s why I know how important a father’s support is for a daughter. That’s why I want them to get bells just to attend the wedding. So that he could not harm my witnesses or me.

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