Ranbir Kapoor’s Fitness Coach Shivohaam Describes Him As ‘An Animal’, Reveals Actor’s Secrets | EXCLUSIVE – News18

Ranbir Kapoor has been training with Shivohaam for almost 3 years now and the two share a great bond. He is also the one who trained Ranbir for Animal. (Images: Instagram)

Ranbir Kapoor’s physical transformation for Animal is the talk of the town and his fitness coach Shivohaam spills the secrets to it. Read on to know more-

Ranbir Kapoor has been receiving raving compliments for his impeccable physical transformation in his upcoming film ‘Animal.’ The internet is obsessed with how incredible he looks and one cannot truly come to terms with the effort that must have gone into gaining such a transformation. While Ranbir has done a great job in sculpting that fantastic body there is actually another man who is a part of this journey and it is none other than the actor’s fitness coach, Shivohaam.

In an exclusive conversation with News18, the celebrity fitness coach takes us through Ranbir Kapoor’s process of physically prepping up for his role in Animal and shares a tip or two on how one can achieve of what can almost be called the unattainable.

Excerpts From The Interview-

Would you please share the process of training Ranbir Kapoor?

The process is actually quite simple, as I don’t believe too much into complicating things. The biggest stimulus to seeing growth and progress when it comes to aesthetics is training. The training program has to be customised based on the client and of course, there is a lot of effort that goes into it from the client’s side too.

Food has to be monitored in regard to the breakdown of the protein, carbs and fat, making sure there is a certain strategy behind gaining muscle but not fat, and then when the time comes to lean up, losing fat but not muscle.

Being in a calm state of mind is super important and luckily Ranbir is naturally a very calm and patient human being so that made the process much easier.

How was training Ranbir for Animal different from any of his other movies? What were some of the prerequisites?

Yes, he has put on weight and bulked up for Sanju as well, but here in Animal he had to look a little intimidating, and hence the approach, the type of bulking was very different.

We have always seen him in a romcom, in the last movie we have seen him with a chiselled beach body but this was different. For Animal, he had to gain quite a bit of bulk and that was the pre-requisite.

Top 5 things that Ranbir Kapoor follows in terms of fitness?

  •  A morning concussion of aloe vera, amlas, wheat grass n haldi along with a green juice in the morning
  • A solid training routine
  • Disciplined lifestyle
  •  Consistent timing with his meals
  • Turning up every day and doing what needs to be done

 What did the physical training entail? How long would RK spend in the gym?

Every day the workout would start with a small warm-up, and then we would spend time on his mobility and injury prevention drills. Post that a solid 60-70 mins of weight training and end with 5-10 mins of core work. Once or twice a week some functional training to keep the fitness level up.

 What kind of diet did you suggest to RK?

I won’t really call it a diet, it was basically a nutrition plan which was designed by me and cooked by his chef. He is a man of simple taste and he’s not fussy at all, basic meats, vegetables, rice, dals, you could say ghar ka khana. The calorie intake was strategically planned and that made all the difference to the way he looked.

How was your experience training Ranbir Kapoor? Are there any incidents you’d like to share from the time you were training him?

I have been with him for almost 3 years now and I cannot remember one bad day of training. He is focused, does exactly what he’s told and honestly he’s a client every coach would like to have.

What would your tip be to those who would want to follow Ranbir’s fitness steps?

Follow his ideals and his thought process and not exactly what he does. Everyone’s lifestyle is unique and you cannot lead the same lifestyle, but you can follow his thought process on how he does things and sees things.

 What can fans see in Ranbir in terms of fitness in Animal?