Rajasthan Shocker: Doctors Remove 56 Razor Blades From Man’s Stomach

New Delhi: Stories related to people swallowing objects and doctors removing them through surgery are not uncommon but when one hears about people swallowing sharp objects, it makes one shudder in fear. In a strange incident, a 25-year-old man from Rajasthan reportedly swallowed 56 blades that were later removed from his stomach. The man, living in Data village in Sanchore, was taken to the hospital by his friends after he vomitted blood as per reports.

When he reached the hospital, doctors performed an X-ray on the man which helped detect the metal traces in his stomach. Doctors, shocked by the development, conducted sonography and then an endoscopy, and the tests showed that the man had mental blades in his stomach. The doctors were able to successfully remove all the blades from the man’s stomach. However, they were unable to discern the reason why the patient had swallowed the razors.

According to NDTV, the patient revealed that he had eaten the blades with the plastic cover which is why he wasn’t injured while swallowing it. But when the cover melted in his stomach, the blades may have damaged his organs.

The reason for the man’s actions is not clear yet. Doctors told the news website that the man may be suffering from a mental illness such as anxiety or depression which is why he ate the blades.