Railway and administration came face-to-face over land worth billions in Jabalpur Civil Line – Rail Hunt

  • If the railways claimed, the administration put up its board

Jabalpur. The railways and the state administration are face-to-face over a land worth billions in the civil line. When the Railways claimed the land, the Madhya Pradesh government has hurriedly put its board on the land and staked the claim. The value of the land taken back from the Burn Company is being said to be Rs 1.72 billion. After the claim of the railway here, the administration has put up its board.

This land is with the old RTO. Local Ranjhi Tehsildar Shyamanandan Chandele claimed in a conversation with the media that there is no dispute about this land, but this land belongs to the government. Encroachment was removed from here as well. After the rains, the remaining encroachment here will also be removed.

It is known that pillars were installed here on behalf of West Central Railway. Earlier there was encroachment on this nine acres of land of block number 23, plot number 1 and 2 under Ranjhi tehsil. There was a legal dispute between the government and the Samadiya group over the land. The matter went to the Supreme Court. From there the decision came in favor of the effort. Now this land of the Burn Company of the British era has come in the possession of the government.

There were many bungalows on this land of the 118-year-old Burn Company. Some time ago, railways had claimed the land by putting a peeler here. Now the administration has filed a unilateral government claim by putting its board on this land on Saturday 23rd July. It is mentioned in the board that this land belongs to the Madhya Pradesh government. Even now there are 19 houses which are being said to be removed. It is being told that the state government will auction this land through the Public Asset Management Department.