Rahul’s announcement in Gujarat: If you win the elections, you will get Rs 500. will give gas cylinders in; Notice to Wikipedia for calling Arshdeep Khalistani

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Ahead of the assembly elections in Gujarat, Rahul Gandhi reached Ahmedabad in Gujarat on Monday. Targeting the BJP government, Rahul said that Gujarat has become a center of drugs. Drugs are being received from Mundra port here every 2-3 months. Even after this no action was taken.

On the other hand, the government has taken action on the matter of linking the name of Indian fast bowler Arshdeep Singh to Khalistan on Wikipedia. IT Ministry has issued notice to Wikipedia officials. The ministry has said that this can worsen the environment of the country.

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First of all today’s major events, which will be seen

  1. The Super-4 match will be played between India and Sri Lanka in the Asia Cup.
  2. Hearing on bail plea of ​​Delhi Health Minister Satyendar Jain in money laundering case.

5 big news that will keep you updated

1. Rahul’s announcement in Gujarat, if you win the election, you will get a gas cylinder for 500 rupees

Rahul Gandhi reached Ahmedabad on Monday ahead of the assembly elections in Gujarat. Rahul said that if the Congress government is formed in the state, then the loan of farmers up to Rs 3 lakh will be waived off. Will give employment to 10 lakh youth. Along with this, gas cylinders will be given for Rs 500. He said that if our government is formed, we will give a compensation of Rs 4 lakh each to the families of those who died of corona. read full news

2. Cricketer Arshdeep was called Khalistani, government notice to Wikipedia
Arshdeep Singh dropped the catch of Asif Ali in the India-Pakistan match of the Asia Cup on Sunday. After this he started being trolled on social media. While changing Arshdeep’s Wikipedia profile, he was part of the Khalistani team in the Under-19 World Cup in 2018. Taking action on this, the government has issued a notice to the officials of Wikipedia. read full news

3. CCTV footage of Mistry’s Mercedes car, a distance of 20 KM covered in 9 minutes
CCTV footage of former Tata Group chairman Cyrus Mistry’s road accident surfaced. It has been found from this that the luxury Mercedes car in which Mistry was traveling had a speed of 134 kilometers per hour. The car had crossed the check post of Charauti near Palghar at 2:21 pm on Sunday. The accident happened after 9 minutes on the bridge of Surya river, 20 KM from here. read full news

4. Hearing in Supreme Court on Karnataka Hijab controversy, Justice said – this is not a religious matter

The Karnataka hijab controversy case was heard in the Supreme Court on Monday. During this, the counsel for the petitioner said that the imposition of the dress code means that you are stopping the girls from going to college. On this, Justice Gupta said that the dress code is applicable in public places. During the hearing, the court said- We are insisting that the hijab which is in dispute right now is not religious. read full news

5. Liz Truss will be the next PM of Britain, Rishi Sunak of Indian origin lost by 21 thousand votes

47-year-old Liz Truss will be Britain’s third female prime minister. He defeated Rishi Sunak of Indian origin by 21 thousand votes. After the win, Liz praised Sunak as a leader with a good sense of humor. Liz is the first British PM-elect since 2001 to receive less than 60% of the vote. She will take oath as PM today. read full news

Why Sunak, who is leading in the race, is backward, read the reason

Some important news in the headline…

  1. Hemant Soren won the trust vote: The agitator’s son said in the Jharkhand assembly, not the one to be afraid; BJP did walkout (read full news)
  2. Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina arrives in India: Will stay till September 8; There can be 7 agreements between the two countries (read full news)
  3. BJP’s sting on Delhi liquor policy: Patra said – Kejriwal-Sisodia earned commission from liquor mafia, Sisodia told joke (read full news)
  4. Suspicious death of disciple of rape accused Shivamurthy: Suicide note found but reason not clear, Lingayat Math was upset due to name in sex case (read full news)
  5. Fidayeen attack outside Russian Embassy in Kabul: 20 killed including 2 Russian diplomats; The attack happened here even 6 years ago (read full news)

News but something different…

Mother rescued 15-month-old son from tiger, fought for 20 minutes, tiger nails entered the lungs
In Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh, a mother fought with a tiger to save her son. She fought with the tiger for 20 minutes to save the 15-month-old baby. The tiger’s nails entered the woman’s lungs, but she did not give up. The woman freed her son from the jaws of the tiger. He had deep nail wounds on his back. The child has suffered a head injury, but is out of danger. read full news

Most read news…

The photo which is news in itself…

It has been raining heavily in Bangalore since last one week. Because of this, on Monday flood like situation Have become. People also had to take the help of boats to rescue them. Water also flooded inside many schools. The main entrance gate of Bengaluru airport was also flooded. The troubled people took a jibe at the Bommai government and said that the areas here have started showing like the city of Venice in Italy.

what happened today in history
On this day in 1965, the Indian Army crossed the border and attacked Lahore and Sialkot in Pakistan. India carried out this attack in response to the Operation Grand Slam launched by Pakistan on 1 September. The Indian Army had almost captured Lahore. Pakistan, which entered India with the hope of capturing Kashmir, was about to lose Lahore. The ceasefire was announced on 23 September after the intervention of the United Nations. After the 1965 war, India and Pakistan signed the Tashkent Agreement in January 1966.

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