Public Benches In Denmark’s Copenhagen Elevated To Raise Climate Change Awareness

If you’re strolling around Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, you’ll notice that the public benches have been raised higher than a typical bench. The reasons behind the increased height of these benches are the rising climate crisis and rising sea levels.

A Danish television network, TV 2 Denmark, has taken an initiative to show the public what their future may hold.

The project is referred to as Our Earth, Our Responsibility. Ten raised benches have been placed in the city’s most famous locations. According to reports, the bench is 2.78 feet, or 85 cm taller than the typical bench height.

These benches were set up in cooperation with Copenhagen’s municipal government.

There is a copper plaque fixed to the benches that read, “Flooding will become part of our everyday life unless we start doing something about our climate.”

According to the latest UN Climate Report, sea levels are expected to rise by up to 1 meter by 2100 if global warming continues.

TV spots, outdoor ads, print ads, and influencer campaigns including well-known Danish performers, artists, musicians, designers, and architect Bjarke Ingels are supporting the campaign.

By spreading awareness about climate catastrophe, Danish organizations are working to promote climate change. As a low-lying area just a few meters above sea level, Copenhagen, like the rest of Denmark, is especially prone to any potential effects of a rise in water levels.

Its glistening seawater is central to the lives of the locals for a variety of activities, such as canoeing, boating, and swimming in the summer.

Denmark has time and time again worked towards reducing carbon emissions. With a goal of reducing its carbon emissions by around 70% in 10 years, Denmark is a pioneer in sustainable decarbonization.

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