Postponed the date of National Cinema Day: Now on September 23, tickets will be available for 75 rupees, the decision of the Multiplex Association has been taken.

Mumbai7 minutes ago

A few days ago, the Multiplex Association had announced to celebrate National Cinema Day on 16 September. On this occasion, it was decided to show the film in cinemas across the country for just Rs 75. However, now on the request of the stakeholders, the Multiplex Association has extended the date of National Cinema Day by a week to 23 September.

In fact, the Multiplex Association had decided that all the cinema chains present across the country like PVR, Cinepolis, INOX, Carnival, MIRA, City Pride, Asian Mukt A2, Movie Time, Wave and Delight would be a part of this campaign. Also, films will be shown on more than 4000 screens for just Rs 75. For this, September 16 was chosen. But now it has been shifted to 23 September.

How to get ticket for 75 rupees
To buy a ticket for Rs 75, you only have to buy a ticket from outside the cinema hall. Apart from this, you can also buy tickets through online medium, but for that you will also have to pay the charges of GST and internet fees separately.

Doubt on cheap tickets of Brahmastra
Earlier National Cinema Day was to be celebrated on 16 September. Because of which fans could watch Brahmastra for just Rs 75 on that day. But after the change in the decision, now the tickets for Brahmastra will not be available for Rs 75 on any day. It is believed that this decision has been taken due to the strong craze of Brahmastra.

Why is National Cinema Day being celebrated?
Cinemas were locked for a long time during the Corona period. Due to this there was a lot of damage to the movie theaters. However, now that things are slowly returning to normal, so cinema halls want to bring all the movie lovers back to the theatres.

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