Police are looking for two Bengali girls with cigarette in hand, national anthem with distorted pronunciation on Facebook

Two Bengali girls were singing the national anthem. Two young women were singing the national anthem using wrong words, sitting and holding cigarettes. The video was uploaded on Facebook. Advocate Atreyi Haldar brought the complaint to Lalbazar Cyber ​​Cell after that. A complaint has also been reported to the Barrackpore Police Commissionerate.

Meanwhile, the video was removed as the controversy raged. Even the account has been deleted. In that video, the two young women are seen singing the national anthem. But they used the opposite word. At the same time, they were singing the national anthem while sitting. They are singing the national anthem of that India in a very distorted manner. The music which the people of the whole country hold in the highest respect was being sung in a very distorted way.

Meanwhile, the video was uploaded on Facebook and caused a stir. A storm of condemnation arose. But Hindustan Times Bangla did not verify the authenticity of that video. Meanwhile, in that video, it is seen that they are sitting and throwing hands while singing the national anthem. He is having fun with a cigarette in his hand. screaming laughing Even after a bit of the song, one says, guys, forgive us. We apologize. When Bharata Bhagya Bhatata was said, they shouted and laughed. Many people are shocked after seeing this video. One Twitter user wrote that they should be arrested immediately.

However, their ages are not known. That’s why Hindustan Times Bangla didn’t use their photos.

Complainant Atrehi Halder told a media that I have lodged a complaint against the two girls at Cyber ​​Crime PS, Barrackpore and Cyber ​​Crime, Lalbazar Intelligence Branch. They insulted the national anthem of the country. They insulted the national flag. They hurt the sentiments of India.

Meanwhile, the police have already started the investigation. But the question arises that Indians have different emotions towards national flag, national anthem. But this is no education! Where in this way two Bengalis openly sing the National Anthem with cigarette in hand. The question is whether Rabindranath, Bankimchandra is a decadent in Bengal! Mango people are seething with anger. Their punishment is being demanded in different quarters.