PM Modi arrives at India Today Conclave: will address shortly, will tell about his vision for India and the world

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  • India Today Conclave 2023 Update; Narendra Modi, Justice UU Lalit | Sachin Tendulkar

New Delhi6 minutes ago

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached the India Today Conclave. He will give an address here shortly. PM participated as the keynote speaker in this conclave going on at Hotel Taj Palace in Delhi. He will tell about his vision for India and the world here.

The India Today Conclave 2023 began on Friday. In this, including former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar, actor Ramcharan, all Union ministers and big personalities expressed their views on different subjects. This is the 20th edition of the conclave.

Former CJI Justice UU Lalit said – It is a personal decision of judges to take government post after retirement
At the beginning of the second day, former CJI Justice UU Lalit also expressed his views. He talked on the topic The Shape and Sanctity of Chord and Chair here. During this, he said that it is his personal decision of the judges to take government post after retirement.

If someone doesn’t find anything objectionable in it then he can accept such offers, but people like me who have objection to this can do something else in their life. I have been a lawyer, I have been a judge and now I am working as a professor.

Justice UU Lalit said that on the question of not getting bail in cases like journalist Kappan and getting bail from the lower court to the accused in money laundering case, said that the decision to grant bail depends on the discretion of the judges, everyone can have their own opinion. In many cases, judges wait to grant bail because they feel that the investigation in the case is yet to be completed, some more facts may come to the fore in the case.

Home Minister Amit Shah also addressed on Friday
Union Home Minister Amit Shah said in the conclave on Friday that after the coming of the Modi government, there is a hope of dreaming in the minds of the poor. In the coming times, when the country will celebrate the centenary anniversary of independence, then India will be seen standing ahead in the world.

On the question of comparing the works of Prime Minister Modi with the tenure of Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi, he said – all have tried to do good work in their respective times. You have worked according to your understanding, power and time. Because every time there are different challenges.

Every person has a different type of ability and has a vision. But everyone has made a good effort – I agree with that. As far as Modi ji is concerned, Modi ji has worked to revive the ambition within the people of India.

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