Pensioners Can Download PPO Number From Digilocker. Check Steps Here

The Pension Payment Order (PPO) is an important number for pensioners and those approaching retirement. The 12-digit PPO number is required at the time of applying for pension. Moreover, it’s also important to include the PPO number at the time of filing the life certificate each year. It is also required if you intend to close the previous bank account in order to receive pension payments in a new bank account.

Pensioners need to know the PPO number for monitoring their pension and receiving it. Even at the time of filing complaints with EPFO, the PPO Number can be used. The unique number is given to every pensioner under Employees’ Pension Scheme (EPS), a programme designed to offer retired people monetary benefits and security under Employee Provident Fund (EPF).

What is the PPO number?

It is a 12-digit number required for receiving a pension. “The first five digits of each PPO represent the PPO Issuing Authority’s code number, the following two digits indicate the year of issue, and the next four digits indicate the PPO’s sequential number, with the last digit serving as a computer check digit,” according to the Central Pension Account Office.

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What is DigiLocker?

DigiLocker is an online digitisation service provided by the government. It offers storage space where one can upload vital documents or access them at any time, from anywhere. The DigiLocker account displays your digital documents or certificates produced by different government agencies. Additionally, you can upload any papers you wish to save electronically.

Steps to download PPO number from Digilocker

  • Firstly, login into Digilocker account – and register
  • Click on UAN services and enter the number.
  • Click on ‘Get Document’. Look for a pension certificate.
  • Available ePPO will be listed below.
  • Then click on ‘Download’.

How to find your PPO number on the EPFO website

  • Firstly log on to
  • Then click on the Pensioner’s portal under the online service
  • It will redirect you to the ‘Welcome to Pensioners Portal.
  • ‘Click ‘Know your PPO number’ which is mentioned on the right side of the page
  • Enter either your bank account number or PF number.
  • Once you provide with the necessary data, you will get the PPO number, Member ID, and pension type.