Parenting Tips: How To Involve Kids In Ganesh Chaturthi Preparations

The much-awaited celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi is knocking on the doors. This festival brings a wave of enthusiasm and excitement to all. This 10-day festival is more special for children. They get to enjoy good food, decoration, and fun for the 10 days. This festival can also become a good opportunity for you to connect your children with the roots of our culture.

Nowadays, children are so busy with school and studies from such an early age that they do not even get enough time to spend with family. Nor do they know much about festivals or rituals. Hence, so many values like helping, sharing, caring, teamwork, creativity, and good communication can be taught to children by connecting them to the preparations for the festival. Let us now share some tips on how you can involve your kids in the preparation of Ganesh Chaturthi.

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Get Ganesh Ji established by children: Children like to get themselves involved in decoration. So give them the task of decorating the temple of Ganesh Ji. They can also be given the responsibility of taking care of Ganesh Ji by establishing them. This will help them to increase their creativity and responsibility.

Teach stories of Ganesh Ji to children: Ask the children to read the stories of Ganesh Ji after the daily aarti, or ask them to tell a story. With this, children will have a good habit of reading and speaking and they will also know about Ganesh Ji, which will develop their knowledge.

Give worshipping responsibilities to children: In the ten-day celebration of Ganesh Chaturthi, give the responsibility of worshipping and distributing sweets to the children. You can also ask them to memorise new aartis and bhajans, think of new offerings, and gather all the people of the house daily while the aarti is performed.

Teach children about sharing: Children can be taught good qualities like sharing during festivals. Ask them to collect their old clothes and toys and distribute them outside to the poor or needy. This will help them learn how to donate or help others.

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