‘Padhai Karte Karte Buddha Ho Jaunga’: Little boy’s rant while studying goes VIRAL- Watch video

Making children complete their homework each day is not an easy chore. All of us remember dreading homework as children and wanting to play outside with our friends. A recent video showing a toddler struggling to complete his homework went viral. This video will undoubtedly bring back memories of your school days. The tearful child is seen yelling in the video posted by Twitter user @Gulzar_sahab as he struggles to do his homework with his mother.

“Zindagi bhar padhai karte karte buddha ho jaunga,” the young child sobs to his mother, “I will grow old while learning for the rest of my life.” The youngster sobs more and says, “Pagal mumma (Insane mom),” when his mother tries to comfort him and asks questions as to why he is feeling that way.

The distressed child can be seen seated at his desk for studying, holding a pencil in one hand and a notebook in the other. The little boy’s eyes are filled with tears, and instead of studying, he flips through the pages of his notebook. The moment the clip hit the internet, it had netizens in tears. One portion of the internet reacted to the tweet with hilarious comments, while another felt sorry for the young child. 

One user blamed the education system, “Syllabus for little kids is so vast these days. They are not ready for such a burden but out of competition parents need to push them hard. Education policies need reform. I feel pity for little kids.” Another user commented, “Kid summarises life.” However, the video has received over 5 lakh views and over 23 thousand likes on the Twitter platform.