On Video Seer Claims Denied Entry to Taj Mahal for Saffron Robe; Says Will Hold Dharma Sansad There

A seer from Ayodhya has purportedly claimed in a video that he was denied entry to the Taj Mahal on April 27 because of his saffron robe and has decided to revisit the monument on May 5 to organise a Dharma Sansad’ there. He further said he will declare India a ”Hindu Rashtra” and install an idol of Lord Shiva inside the monument ”by following the Constitution”.

However, an Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) official said the seer was not stopped because of his saffron clothes and ”I spoke to him and invited him to the Taj Mahal”. In the video, the seer identified himself as Jagadguru Paramhansacharya from Tapasvini Chhavni Peethadhiswar, Ayodhya, and claimed that the Taj Mahal was originally Tejo Mahalay’.

”On the day of the visita Sanatan Dharma Sansad will be organised and India will be declared a Hindu Rashtra. All these activities will be organised by following the Constitution. I appeal to the members of the Hindu organisations, people, and others to reach the Taj Mahal on May 5 in large numbers,” the seer said.

On his denial of entry to the iconic monument, the seer said, ”On April 27, I was denied entry because of the saffron clothes and I returned. After that, there was a protest and then Raj Kumar Patel (ASI official) apologised and invited me to visit again.

I will visit the Taj Mahal on May 5 and install the idol of Lord Shiva there.” About the mausoleum, he claimed, ”The Tejo Mahalay in Agra, which the Mughals began calling the Taj Mahal, was misinterpreted in history. It is the temple of Lord Shiva.” When contacted, ASI’s superintending archaeologist, Agra Circle, Raj Kumar Patel told PTI, ”I have nothing to say on the viral videoHe (the seer) was not stopped because of the saffron clothes. And after that, I spoke to him and invited him to the Taj Mahal.”

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