Numerology Today, March 15: How Compatible is Number 4 with Number 8 and 9

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Last Updated: March 15, 2023, 00:30 AM IST

Numerology Today, March 15: 9 is that perfect number which has proved Lucky and loyal to number 4. (Representative image: Shutterstock)

Numerology Today, March 15: Number 4 and 8 together makes you seek the position of management at a strategic level


MASTER PLANET: Rahu (Uranus)


People working at high-level in the organisation possess existence of such tough numbers. 4s and 8s together makes you seek the position of management at a strategic level. The numbers of discipline, control, order management and tough attitude. If we talk about partners who carries either of these numbers, then the first thing which becomes a point of discussion between them is a comparison of “who is more perfectionist”. Although they stay far away from arguments, judgement becomes their weakness. It gives a strict life with lot of income after hard work and sacrifices.

They need to learn to dedicate their life towards social help, charity, healthy lifestyle, spirituality and high-level of education. The best part of such personalities are that they are always finishers and hardly skip any task unfinished, therefore monitory losses almost meltdown to 0.

A special care of health to be taken throughout and citrus is a mandatory part of their meal. Couples with such combinations need to include emotions or sentiments in the relationship for happier and prosperous future. Business of hardware, software, metal, manufacturing, machinery, agriculture, medicine, finance, timber, wood, furniture and electronics can be blindly adopted.

4s and 8s has produced many renowned politicians in India and across the globe. This proves that a fine tune career can come out of these date of birth as well.

LUCKY COLOURS: Green and Blue



DONATIONS: Green leafy vegetables to cattle or poor.


9 is that perfect number which has proved Lucky and loyal to number 4. There is always been attraction between number 4 and number 9 who works constantly for best outcome. 4s will observe that it frequently encounters number 9, for example the vehicle total comes to 9 or their house.

They are always recommended to stay together in a pool so that their weaknesses are overcome by either of them. Couples with these date of birth make an outstanding, honest, reliable, impressive and loving couples. Both of these numbers should be inclined to chant Rahu and Mangal Mantra. They should be rigorously involved in physical exercise like yoga or gyming, including red fruit like tomato or pomegranate are mandatory for their mental and physical health.

Industries of finance counselling, education, stock market, machinery, gas vessels, advisory and sports can turn their destiny towards their fortune. Women with such combinations should remember to involve themselves in meditation and healing as otherwise will become trouble some for their spouses.

LUCKY COLOURS: Red and purple

LUCKY DAY: Tuesday


DONATIONS: Watermelon in orphanage.

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