New rules for flight ticket refund: 30 to 75% money will be refunded for downgrading or canceling tickets, denying boarding

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The Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has issued a new directive regarding passenger tickets. According to the new rules, if an airlines service company downgrades a passenger’s ticket, cancels a ticket without informing or denies boarding, it will have to refund 30 to 75% of the ticket amount. The new rules will come into effect from February 15.

75% amount to be refunded on domestic flight
Under the new rules, airlines will have to refund 75 per cent of the ticket cost on domestic flights. This will also include the tax charged on the ticket. Further, for international passengers, as the case may be, 30% of the ticket cost for flights of 1500km or less, 50% for flights between 1500km to 3500km and 75% for flights above 3500km. % refund will have to be given to the passengers. This will also include the tax charged on the ticket.

DGCA in action, 30 lakh fine on Air India in urine case DGCA officers are continuously in action mode. The DGCA had imposed a fine of Rs 30 lakh on the airline after the urine scandal on the Air India flight coming from New York to New Delhi, which was in the news recently. DGCA suspended the pilot’s license for 3 months.

10 lakh fine on Paris-Delhi flight incident
The DGCA had taken action against Air India for not providing information on the second urination incident on the Paris-Delhi flight on December 6. DGCA had imposed a fine of 10 lakhs on Air India. An inebriated male passenger allegedly urinated on an empty seat and on the blanket of a female passenger on Air India’s Paris-Delhi flight.

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