National record of Haryana’s cow in Ludhiana: Gave more than 72 kg milk in 24 hours, owner got tractor as reward


Vivek Sharma, Ludhiana15 minutes ago

A Holstein Friesian cow of two Kurukshetra farmers created a national record on Sunday at the three-day International Dairy and Agriculture Fair at Jagraon in Ludhiana, Punjab. This cow gave more than 72 kg of milk in 24 hours. Cow was the winner with this new record. On this the owner got a tractor as a reward.

Cow is 7 years old
Porus Mehla and Samrat Singh of Kurukshetra, Haryana said that their seven-year-old cow gave 72.390 kg of milk in 24 hours in an adult cow milk competition, which is the highest given by such a cow in any competition in India till date. Porus Mehla told that his cow has made a new record.

Owner Porus Mehla at the fair with his winning cow.

In 2018 the cow gave 70,400 milk
He said that HF ​​cow had given 70.400 kg of milk in 24 hours last time among the high milk yielding cows, which had participated in the PDA competition in 2018.

There were 30 HF cows in the competition
Porus Mehla said that he is feeling great that his cow has created a national record in such a prestigious competition. This was the first time she was participating in such a competition. 30 HF cows from different states participated in this competition, out of which his cow stood first.

Mehla came to dairy farming after leaving the company
On the victory of the cow, he has received a tractor as a prize. Porus Mehla said that he did his MBA from Gurugram and later got a job in an MNC company, but left the company to join a forty year old dairy farming business.

Identity of the Holstein Friesian The Holstein Friesian cow is of very large size. There are black-white or red-white speckled marks on its body. This cow looks very attractive, body is shiny and eyes are mischievous, its ears are of medium size. The color of the tail is white.

Its jaws are strong. Whereas a healthy calf weighs 40 to 45 kg at the time of birth. while one​​​​​ The Holstein cow generally weighs 580 kg and is 147 cm tall.

People doing like in dairy farming
Holstein Friesian breed of cow is known for giving more milk and for this reason it is very much preferred in dairy farming. This cow has the capacity to give 25-25 liters of milk daily. In good facilities and conditions, this cow can also give 40 liters of milk a day. The fat in its milk is 3.5 percent.

Holstein Friesian Cow Supplements
According to the experts present at the fair, before feeding the Holstein Friesian cow with leguminous fodder, add tudi or other fodder to them. So that he does not complain of indigestion. Energy, protein, minerals and vitamins are essential elements for the cow. Maize, jowar, millet, chickpeas, wheat, rice, maize husk, groundnut, mustard, sesame, linseed etc. can be given to it.

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