Mummy Bahu Mil Gayi Hai, Profile Delete Kar Raha Hu; Shaadi.Com CEO Responds To Hillarious Banter Saying Dhanda Band Karwaoge Kya

New Delhi: In a surprising turn of events,, the platform designed for connecting potential life partners, became the unexpected cupid for two strangers, thanks to a viral social media post. The catalyst for this unexpected matchmaking journey was a post addressing the concept of space in a relationship, humorously exploring the nuances of “Wife math” and the desire for a comforting hug, termed “Jaadu ki jhappi.”

The viral post, captioned “If you get it you get it,” caught the attention of Instagram user Nishika, who added her perspective, stating, “Agar usko ‘space’ ka importance pata hai toh meri taraf se haan hai (If he knows the importance of space, then it is a yes from me).” (Also Read: Highest Paid Indian CEOs And Their Educational Qualification – Check)

Seizing the moment, Shreyansh Pandey responded cleverly, linking the concept to a keyboard’s largest button, saying, “Haan ma’am bilkul important hai, after all keyboard ka sabse bada button hai (Yes ma’am it is definitely important, after all it is the biggest button on the keyboard).” (Also Read: UCO Bank Fraud: Two Engineers Transfer 820 Crore INR From 7 Private Banks)

The lighthearted banter continued, with Nishika calling Pandey “cute,” and Pandey humorously declaring, “Mummy bahu milgayi hai, profile delete kar raha hu (Mother, I found a daughter-in-law for you, going to delete my profile on” Nishika responded with “Check DM,” suggesting a potential private conversation.

The exchange gained rapid traction, catching the eye of founder Anupam Mittal, who playfully remarked, “Kya ho raha hai insta par? Dhandha bandh karwaoge kya? (What is happening on Instagram? Will you stop the business?)” Netizens joined the conversation, expressing their invested interest and humorously predicting a downturn in stocks for Bumble and Tinder.

As the banter unfolded, acknowledged the amusing exchange with another post, declaring, “Jodiyan kabhi uparwala banata hai aur kabhi comment section (Sometimes pairs are made in heaven and sometimes in the comment section).”

The heartwarming story showcases the unexpected ways in which social media platforms can become the starting point for meaningful connections and potential love stories.