Motorcyclist fined for LOW FUEL by Kerala police – Know the rule and fine HERE

Incidents of road users being challaned for wrong reasons have taken the internet by storm earlier as well. This time around a picture of a challan has gone viral, which shows that a motorcyclist was challaned for having low fuel. While this sounds interesting and funny, it is a little scary as well since being fined for having low fuel in your vehicle will only make the running costs higher. The image of the challan is being shared on the internet, making netizens inquisitive about the legality of this offence.

Thankfully, a retired Motor Vehicle Department Inspector has made a video reacting to the challan in which he also explains if having low fuel in your vehicle is illegal or not. The video is uploaded on the YouTube channel TJ’s Vehicle Point. The retired MVD officer – Thankachan TJ, explains that there isn’t any such violation he knows of. He further added that it was the first time he is coming across such an offence and challan.

He explains – there is a rule for four-wheelers that all the passengers should get off the vehicle while it is being refuelled. However, this is applicable only for commercial vehicles and not vehicles with private ownerships. Although, this is a very small offence and commercial vehicle operators miss out on exercising the affair.

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The retired officer says in the video that the challan cannot stand legally. For commercial vehicles, the driver can be fined up to Rs 250, if the vehicle is being refuelled with passengers on board. But considering that it is a very small offence and commercial vehicle drivers often forget to follow the rule.