Mohammad Kaif sends ‘relax Australia’ reply to Aussies over ‘best team of tournament’ debate

Image Source : TWITTER, GETTY Mohammad Kaif and David Warner.

Former Indian player Mohammad Kaif took the centre point of a debate following India’s loss to Australia in the final of the World Cup 2023. Kaif, who called India the best team of the tournament on paper, was hit back by Australians including opener David Warner and former cricketer Damien Martyn who looked to nullify his comment. Now Kaif has posted another statement on his social media, calling for Australia to relax.

Kaif posted ‘facts’ on his X account, wherein he stated that it was Australia’s day in the final and they won but India was the best team of the tournament. “Facts: It was Australia’s day in the final, they won, they are World Cup winners. More facts: India comprehensively won 10 games, they lost 11th, they had the best bowlers and batters. They were the tournament’s best team.  Both facts, on paper and on field. Relax Australia,” Kaif wrote on his X account.

Notably, Kaif was hit back by Australians on his previous statement. After India lost the final on November 19, Kaif called India the best team on paper. “I can never accept that the best team has not won the World Cup. The Indian team is the best team on paper,” Kaif said on Star Sports.

The quotes went viral on social media once commentator Glenn Mitchell shared them. “I think someone needs to remind former Indian batter, Mohammad Kaif that World Cup finals are won on a cricket field and not on paper,” Mitchell wrote as he shared Kaif’s quote. 

Warner also made his way into the matter. He said that it does not matter what is on paper and a team needs to perform when it matters the most. “I like MK, issue is it does not matter what’s on paper. At the end of the day you need to perform when it matters. That’s why they call it a final. That’s the day that counts and it can go either way, that’s sports. 2027 here we come,” Warner had said. Martyn had also shared Kaif’s statement and wrote, “When you wake up and read this in the morning. Thoughts”.

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