Microsoft Outlook App Will Have More Ads For Free Users Now

Microsoft wants to push more ads on the Outlook mobile app for Android and iOS users. The company is doing this so that more people sign up for the Outlook service with a nominal fee. So, if you have been enjoying the Outlook app for free, chances are you are going to see a lot more ads pasted on the UI of the mailing app.

Till date, Outlook was mostly showing ads in the Others tab where you have all the mails listed in the same list, while the Focused tab was left alone. But from now, even the personalised list will show ads for Outlook users, as reported by The Verge.

Microsoft has a core range of plans for its Microsoft 365 subscription that also includes Outlook, and the company wants to give users the choice of seeing ads, or paying to use the service.

Microsoft has talked about the fact that users can remove the app by swiping it off the screen, but a new ad will show up after a while. So, this is Microsoft’s way of saying, pay up or get used to seeing ads. Microsoft is pushing this for the mobile users specifically, and counts over 500 million users on Outlook as a whole.

But it’s not just Microsoft that is now willing to take the ad route. Apple and Netflix are the other platforms banking on this strategy to bring more money into the companies. Apple is reportedly bringing ads to Maps, Podcast and News in the coming months, while Netflix is coming out with its first ad-tier plan for users.

It is possible that these companies have realised that for the digital verticals it is hard to ignore the prospects of advertising integrated into their products.

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