‘Letter bomb’ in Sonali Phogat case: Family got 2 anonymous letters Claim: Murdered by paying 10 crores, write the names of the conspirators

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A ‘letter bomb’ has exploded in the murder of Tiktok star BJP leader Sonali Phogat. Two anonymous letters have reached Sonali’s family. In which the entire conspiracy of Sonali’s murder has been exposed. It was claimed that Sonali was murdered by giving 10 crores to PA Sudhir Sangwan to save his political career.

The sender of the anonymous letter claimed that Sonali’s PA Sudhir was just a pawn. One who was lured by the greed of money. Sonali’s brother-in-law Aman Poonia says that we had informed CBI about the first letter. They said that they should keep it with them, we will take it from you if we come. The second letter also arrived on Thursday.

The names of the leaders of Hisar, Fatehabad and Tohana in the letters
These anonymous letters have been sent to Sonali Phogat’s family and police. In these the names of the leaders of Hisar, Fatehabad and Tohana are written. These leaders belong to the same party. It has been said in the letters that a complete murder plot was hatched to save Sonali’s political career. The sender of the letter claims that he only wants justice for Sonali’s family. He is deeply saddened for Sonali’s daughter Yashodhara. However, the sender of the letter has not written his name or address.

First letter sent to Sonali family.

First letter sent to Sonali family.

Question on timing of letters
Questions are also being raised on the timing of anonymous letters related to the Sonali Phogat murder case. By-elections are to be held on Adampur assembly seat soon. Which has been announced. At such a time, Sonali’s opponents are smelling of politics in making the letters viral.

Read the full story of Sonali Phogat’s murder in 7 points

  1. Sonali Phogat died suddenly on 22-23 August this year in Goa.
  2. Sonali Phogat’s family leveled murder charges against PA Sudhir Sangwan and Sukhwinder.
  3. The post-mortem report found injury marks and drug overdose on Sonali’s body.
  4. Goa Police registered a murder case against 5 accused including Sudhir and Sukhwinder.
  5. Goa Police went to Sonali’s Hisar farm house, house and Gurugram for investigation.
  6. On the demand of the family, the Goa government transferred the case to the CBI.
  7. A two-member CBI team came to Hisar and met Sonali Phogat’s family members. After that the investigation continues.

Sonali’s political legacy handed over to her sister
Sonali Phogat’s political legacy is now with her sister Rukesh Poonia. A few days ago, Sarv Khap Mahapanchayat was held in Hisar. In which this decision was taken with the consent of Sonali’s daughter Yashodhara. Yashodhara, citing herself as a minor, said that her aunt is her well-wisher.

This CCTV footage is of the night of Sonali's murder.  In which the scene of forcibly giving him drugs came to the fore.  After which she was seen faltering.

This CCTV footage is of the night of Sonali’s murder. In which the scene of forcibly giving him drugs came to the fore. After which she was seen faltering.

Rukesh will contest Adampur by-election
After getting the political legacy, Sonali’s sister Rukesh Poonia has announced to contest the Adampur by-election. He says that the party is not yet known but he will definitely fulfill Sonali’s wish to contest the by-election. On the other hand, Sonali’s brother Watan Dhaka has announced to stay in the BJP if she gets the ticket or not.

Sonali was defeated by more than 29 thousand votes
Sonali Phogat had entered the election on a BJP ticket in the 2019 assembly elections. Kuldeep Bishnoi had contested the elections on a Congress ticket. Kuldeep Bishnoi won by margin of 29 Thousand 471 votes. This time Kuldeep Bishnoi has joined BJP. His ticket is believed to be fixed.

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