Kolkata Auto: Blue-white is going to be the color of all autos, according to the transport department

থেকেFrom now, all the autos in Kolkata city and suburbs are going to be blue and white. This guideline is going to be issued by the transport department very soon. According to sources, the directive may come into effect before the end of this year.

In this context, an official of the transport department said, ‘পাতEverything is at the planning stage at the moment. However, the directive could be fully implemented by the end of this year. The favorite color of the Chief Minister is blue-white. That is why the color of the auto is being changed. After taking charge as the Chief Minister of the state, the color of various administrative buildings and bridges has turned blue and white. This time it will take a touch of color change on the body of the auto.

It is already known that there is a demand from the passengers to impose certain restrictions on autos. As per that demand, the city and suburbs have started thinking about introducing some new restrictions for autos. The Department of Transportation is going to issue new guidelines in this regard very soon. Note that now all auto colors in the city and suburbs are yellow-green.