Kiccha Sudeep reflects on Twitter spat with Ajay Devgn, says ‘it wasn’t about ego’: ‘If I wanted to be arrogant…’

Actor Kiccha Sudeep reflected on the debate about Hindi being the national language that he had started, and the social media back-and-forth that he’d engaged in with actor Ajay Devgn. In a new interview, he said that he certainly had some points to make about the matter, but stressed that he was always respectful in his comments.

The debate began after Ajay tweeted at Sudeep ahead of the release of his film Runway 34, and asked him in Hindi why he chooses to dub his films in Hindi if he truly feels that it is no longer the national language. Many people pointed out that India doesn’t have a national language. Sudeep had said at a press event that Hindi can no longer be called the ‘national language’ in light of all the South Indian language hits that had emerged in recent months.

He told Bollywood Hungama, “Ajay sir and me are two individuals who have seen the industry. He’s seen more than me. We are grown-ups, we understand what is what. We were talking about black and white, and we didn’t want to settle with the grey. A lot of people took the topic, but nobody tagged us. They just wanted the topic, and they took it politically all over the place. And that is a zone where we both don’t belong.”

He continued, “He had a question to me, and I respected that, and I wanted to answer. Though that came in Hindi… I understood Hindi, but I responded in English so that everybody understands what I was trying to say. Of course, Ajay sir got a different interpretation of the whole thing, but that’s fair enough. But I also had to make a point, the point being that… It wasn’t about ego. If I wanted to provoke or be arrogant, I would’ve been arrogant from the first tweet. I didn’t have to wait for my third one. But what would have happened if I had sent the text in Kannada? This is a very honest point, which I think even he respected.”

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Sudeep said that he wasn’t worried or concerned when the topic became political, and bowed out of any further discussions because he felt that as far as both him and Ajay were concerned, the topic was over. But he chose to respond when PM Narendra Modi commented on the issue. He said that he was talking on behalf of everybody, not just Kannadigas. “I am happy that the topic I started, was ended by the leader of the country,” he concluded.

Sudeep will next be seen in the 3D action-adventure film Vikrant Rona. Ajay was last seen in the box office disappointment Runway 34.