Kerala man wins lottery of Rs 1 crore, few hours before selling his house

New Delhi: While being burdened by debt in Kerala, a 50-year-old man won a lottery of Rs 1 crore. He had taken a loan of about Rs 50 lakh to compensate for his loss in business and for the marriage of two daughters. There was a dire need for money to repay the loan taken from the bank and his closed ones. Mohammed Bava, a resident of Manjeshwar in Kasaragod district, had planned to sell his house for the loans, But after winning the lottery, as one would have hoped, Bava has now decided not to sell the house.  “I won the lottery. So, there is no need to sell the house. When we get the prize, all our issues will be sorted out,” Bava said.

The lottery winner said that he was very worried due to the loss in business, but now god has shown him a way. Hoping to find a way out of the debt trap, the 50-year-old man had bought tickets for Kerala’s government 50-50 lottery from a vendor. (Also Read: OnePlus 10T: From launch date, price, processor, camera specs to design, here’s all you need to know)

Bava, a father of five children, said that the result of the lottery was declared by 3:30 PM on Sunday (July 23). Luckily, he got the reward just two hours before accepting the token advance for his newly built house. (Also Read: Check 5 benefits of Filing ITR even if you are not in a taxable bracket)

When buyers came, the house was full of people who came to know about the jackpot. Buyers said that they too were very happy about the lucky win. “I was not a regular buyer of lottery tickets. I know that lottery agent personally, so when he used to pass my house, he used to give me some tickets. I bought this particular ticket under a lot of stress because I didn’t know what to do”, he said. 

When he was asked what he would do with the money, he told that after repaying the loan, he would spend the rest of the amount on the poor and needy. Bawa will get around Rs 63 lakh after tax deduction.