Karnataka Govt Bans Sale Of Coloured Gobi Manchurian & Cotton Candy Citing Use Of ‘Harmful Chemicals’ – News18

The sale of coloured Gobi Manchurian and cotton candy will not be allowed in the state, the health minister said. (Representative Images: Getty Images)

The state health minister said, “Rhodamine-B, Tartrazine and other such chemicals are being used for preparing such food items and it is unsafe”

The Karnataka Health Department on Monday banned the sale of coloured Gobi Manchurian and Cotton Candy in the state, saying that the use of artificial colouring agents, such as Rhodamine-B, are harmful to health.

At a press conference, state Health Minister Dinesh Gundurao addressed the rising concerns over the presence of harmful chemicals in various food items and pressed on the importance of consuming food which is safe for health.

Gundurao pointed out the risks posed by unsafe food practices. He cited the findings of a recent investigation conducted by health department officials on Cotton Candy and Gobi Manchurian.

The officials collected nearly 171 samples of these food items from various eateries, he said. The findings revealed that around 107 unsafe artificial colours were found in these dishes.

“Rhodamine-B, Tartrazine and other such chemicals are being used for preparing such food items and it is unsafe,” Gundurao said.

Stringent action will be taken against any eatery that is found to be using such chemicals for food preparation, he said. “Food safety team will register a case if such chemicals are found in the food,” Gundurao said.

The Karnataka government has said that anyone (eatery authorities) found to be in violation of the order will be sentenced to seven years in prison, adding that their license could also be cancelled if they don’t abide by the order.

However, the health minister noted that natural one, such as white cotton candy is allowed to be sold.

Earlier last month, sale of coloured Gobi manchurian received a lot of flak in Maharashtra’s Goa as well.

The use of synthetic colour and hygiene standards became a point of concern when Goa’s Mapusa Minicipal Corporation banned Gobi machurian from its stalls and eateries.

Previously, during the 2022 Vasco Saptah Fair at Shree Damodar Temple, the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) had instructed the Mormugao Municipal Corporation to regulate the sale of the Manchurian dish due to hygiene concerns.