Kangana Ranaut Says Star Kids Look ‘Weird’ Like ‘Uble Hue Ande’ In Old Interview; Watch Viral Video – News18

Kangana was last seen in Tejas.

Kangana Ranaut said that people cannot relate to star kids as they change their looks and talk in English all the time.

The nepotism debate in Bollywood is an age-old, unending topic. Many Bollywood stars have expressed their takes on the issue. While some have defended star kids by saying that it’s not their fault for being born into privilege, others have criticised them for not realising the value of their privilege. Kangana Ranaut, who is known for fearlessly expressing her honest opinions, has also partaken in this debate. A video from one of her earlier interviews has gone viral on social media.

In the video which has gone viral on Reddit, Kangana said, “Hum logo ka kya hai, jaise yeh industry evolve hui. I think inke bacche bahaar padhne chale jaate hain, English main baat karte hain, English hi filme dekhte hain aur kaata churi se hi khaate hain. You know, dirty India. (In a mocking accent) ‘Jab main India wapas aaya toh mujhe vahan ke log ne aise dekha’ (I think their kids go abroad to study, speak only in English, watch only Hollywood films and eat with a fork and knife. You know, dirty India. They say, ‘When I came to India, people looked at me like that’).”

She added, “Jab aap aise baat karte hain, toh kahan aapko desh main kya ho raha hai kahaan pata chalega aapko? Unke matlab, voh log dekhne main bhi aise ajeeb se lagte hain jaise uble hue ande. Toh matlab, unka poora look change ho gaya toh log relate nahi kar pa rahe hain. I don’t mean to troll anyone. Log relate nahi kar pa rahe hain (When you talk like that, how would you know what’s happening in the country? They also look weird, like boiled eggs. I mean, their whole look gets changed and people cannot relate to that. I don’t mean to troll anyone, but people cannot relate to them).”