Jungkook’s Seven Secures 4th Position On Spotify’s Most-Streamed Songs 2023 – News18

Published By: Dishya Sharma

Last Updated: November 30, 2023, 17:20 IST

Jungkook’s Seven was released in July this year. (Photo Credits: Instagram)

Spotify’s year-end wrapped report for 2023 reveals that Jungkook had one of the most-streamed songs of the year.

The wait is over—Spotify Wrapped season is here! Each year, Spotify users eagerly anticipate their personalised summaries that offer a look into their annual listening habits and the soundtrack of their year. This much-anticipated feature not only unveils users’ musical preferences but also showcases the most-played artists and songs across the Spotify community.

This year, BTS member Jungkook’s music tracks became a top choice among listeners. According to the year-end Wrapped report for 2023, Jungkook’s Seven (featuring Latto) stood out by securing the fourth spot in Spotify’s ranking of the most-streamed global songs. Despite being released in the second half of this year, Seven made it to the list.

It was in July when the BTS star unveiled his solo masterpiece, Seven featuring Latto. The accompanying music video featured Nevertheless star Han So Hee. The release not only captivated fans but also inspired them to create reels with the artist’s song as a backdrop. In a monumental achievement, Guinness World Records officially acknowledged that BTS’ Jungkook’s Seven has set a new record for the Fastest Time to reach 1 Billion Streams on Spotify.

Back then, Jungkook in a video explained the lyrics of the song and said, “The lyrics of Seven mean you want to be with the person you love all the time. Like the title of the song, from Monday to Sunday. The willingness to be with the love of my life every day is shown in this passionate serenade.”

The Recording Industry Association of America on November 6 announced that Seven by Jungkook had received Platinum certification. Prior to this achievement, Jungkook’s collaboration with American artist Charlie Puth, titled Left and Right, earned a Gold certification from the RIAA.

Apart from Seven, the songs that racked up more Spotify streams in 2023 are Miley Cyrus’s Flowers, SZA’s Kill Bill, and Harry Styles’ As It Was. Remarkably, Miley Cyrus’s song claimed the top spot as the most-streamed song of 2023 on Spotify, with 1.6 billion plays.

Next in line, Jungkook, along with fellow BTS members RM, V, and Jimin, is gearing up for his military enlistment. According to reports, RM and V are anticipated to begin their military service on December 11, with Jimin and Jungkook following suit on December 12. BTS members are said to reunite in 2025.