Journey Of Grit, Innovation, And Success: Meet Sameer Gehlot, Indias Youngest Billionaire & Architect Of Rs 34,000 Crore Business Empire

New Delhi: Meet Sameer Gehlot, a visionary entrepreneur who has etched his name in the annals of success. At just 42 years old, Sameer has achieved the remarkable feat of being declared India’s youngest billionaire by Forbes. As the founder and chairperson of the Indiabulls group, he has crafted a business empire valued at an impressive 34 thousand crores, solidifying his status as a self-made first-generation entrepreneur.

But how did this journey begin? Let’s delve into the story of Sameer Gehlot, a man whose entrepreneurial spirit has paved the way for triumph against all odds. (Also Read: Govt Appoints Arvind Panagariya As Chairman Of 16th Finance Commission; Check All About Him)

Sameer Gehlot: Early Life And Education

Born on March 3, 1974, in Rohtak, Haryana, India, Sameer Gehlot is the son of Balvan Singh and Krishna. His father, known as a prominent figure in the mining business, set a strong foundation for Gehlot’s entrepreneurial journey. (Also Read: iPhone 15 Price Cut; Now Available At This Price On Flipkart: Check How Deal Works)

Having earned his engineering degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi in 1995, Gehlot initially ventured to the United States for work experience.

Sameer Gehlot: Entrepreneurial Journey

After spending two years working in America, Gehlot returned to India, where he discovered an opportunity to purchase a company. Without hesitation, he, along with his friend Rajeev Rattan, acquired the company and transformed it into India’s first internet-based brokerage services company, naming it India Bulls Financial Services.

In 1999, Sameer founded the Indiabulls Group, starting as one of India’s pioneering online brokerages. Over the years, the company expanded its services to include consumer lending, and offering home and vehicle loans. Gehlot played a key role in leading the business through its IPO in 2004.

Sameer Gehlot: Growth And Expansion

Under Gehlot’s leadership, Indiabulls became a trailblazer in online consumer loans and mortgages. Today, it stands as the largest online and retail brokerage firm in India. With a workforce of about 7,000 people, the company’s market valuation has soared to an impressive 34,000 crores.

In 2005, Sameer Gehlot guided the company’s expansion into real estate by acquiring land in Mumbai. The real estate arm completed the construction of the Indiabulls Blu Estate & Club residential towers in Worli, South Mumbai, in 2019. In 2012, Gehlot established Clivedale, a UK-based real estate developer located in Mayfair, London.

Sameer Gehlot: Net Worth

With a net worth estimated at around 8 thousand crores, Sameer Gehlot has made significant contributions to the finance and real estate sectors. His commitment to innovation and growth has not only made him one of the richest individuals in India but has also positioned him as a global business figure.