Journalist’s murder accused arrested in Maharashtra: The person against whom he wrote the news, hit him with a car

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Mumbai18 minutes ago

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Journalist Shashikant Warishe, who was hit by a car on Monday in Maharashtra’s Ratnagiri, died on Tuesday. In this case, the Ratnagiri police has arrested Pandharinath Amberkar, the hitman, against whom Varishe had written the last news. Police has filed a murder case against the accused.

In fact, Shashikant Varishe had written a report against Amberkar on the very day of the incident, in which Amberkar’s photo was published along with PM Modi, the Chief Minister and the Deputy Chief Minister of the state. In this article, Varishe had written that the photo of the criminal, along with the PM, CM and Deputy CM, is displayed on the banner of the refinery which the farmers are protesting against. Hours after this article was published, Varishe met with an accident.

Ashok Valam, the president of the committee protesting against the refinery being built in Varishe Konkan area, has lodged a statement with the police. He said that Varishe was murdered by Amberkar. The stage of this case should be that of murder only and action should be taken against all those who were involved in it.

Valam said that on Monday, Varishe had forwarded a news on WhatsApp, in which there was a picture of a serious criminal with some leaders. Within 4-5 hours of forwarding this news, he met with an accident.

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