Janhvi Kapoor On Sister Khushi’s Performance In The Archies: ‘It’s Very Difficult To Be This Real’ – News18

Khushi Kapoor made her acting debut with The Archies alongside Suhana Khan and Agastya Nanda.

The Archies, Khushi Kapoor’s debut film, received mixed reviews from the critics.

The Archies, Khushi Kapoor’s debut film, received mixed reviews. Janhvi Kapoor, her sister and a guest speaker at Agenda Aajtak, shared her thoughts on the Netflix film and offered advice for Khushi.

Janhvi Kapoor said in Hindi, “She [Khushi] did such a wonderful job at being honest. When I was talking to her, I told her to be prepared for hate but not to forget herself in the process. I wish someone said this to me. I wish someone told me to try looking at the people that value you, like you because believing the bad is always easier.”

She added, “When someone says something bad about you, then believing that person becomes easier. It takes a lot of self-confidence to believe someone who says the right thing. Me and my sister, at times, we question ourselves a lot. I told her ‘Don’t lose yourself, don’t be jaded because you’ve been very honest.’ I felt her performance was very warm, there was a lot of innocence in it. She was not trying to show anything off and it is very difficult to be this real in front of the camera.”

Janhvi Kapoor talked about her sister Khushi’s acting debut in The Archies. She mentioned that she gives Khushi advice every day, and she’s probably tired of listening to her by now. “I advise her every day. She is tired of listening to me. I also feel she is more sensible than me. When I debuted, the pressure was a lot more, and a lot was going on the personal front, I was like a headless chicken. The validation I was looking for from my mother, which wasn’t there suddenly, I started looking for it from the audience. And I put so much pressure on me that ‘Dhadak’, which was a commercially successful film and everyone gained from that film, but the social media chatter got to me and whatever decision I took for the next five years, was born out of insecurity. Slowly, I started running away from the discussion around the fact that I am my mother’s daughter,” she added.

Janhvi will be next seen in Mr And Mrs Mahi. She has also Devara with Jr NTR in the pipeline.