Jalandhar DIG said- Amritpal’s ISI connection: Anandpur was forming an army named Khalsa Force; Lawyer’s claim- Amritpal is in police custody


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In Punjab, for the second consecutive day, the police is campaigning in the state for the arrest of Khalistan supporter and chief of ‘Waris Punjab De’ organization Amritpal. Here, DIG Swapan Sharma of Jalandhar range disclosed Amritpal’s connection with Pakistani intelligence agency ISI in a press conference. In such a situation, now NIA can be entered in this case.

Police made another disclosure. According to him, Amritpal had made preparations to form his own private army named Anandpur Khalsa Force (AKF). AKF was found written on the weapons recovered from his house and associates. Amritsar Rural SSP Satinder Singh said that more than 100 illegal cartridges were found from a close friend of Amritpal. During interrogation, he told that Amritpal had given him these cartridges.

Lawyer’s claim- Amritpal is in police custody
Amritpal’s lawyer Iman Singh Khara filed a habeas corpus petition in the Punjab and Chandigarh High Court on Sunday. In this petition, it was claimed that the Punjab Police has arrested Amritpal Singh, but his arrest is not being shown.

It was demanded in the petition that Amritpal Singh should be presented in the court. The hearing on the petition took place at the residence of Justice Shekhawat of the High Court. In this, the court refused to appoint a warrant officer to produce Amritpal, but issued a notice to the Punjab government seeking its reply. The next hearing on this petition will be on March 21.

Amritpal Singh’s supporters kept running like this to escape during the search operation of Punjab Police.

including amritpal 8 Case registered under Arms Act
Amritsar Police has registered a case against Amritpal and his 7 associates under the Arms Act. On Saturday, these 7 people were caught from Mehatpur in Jalandhar. These include Gurlal Singh, Savreet Singh, Amandeep Singh, Harminder Singh, Baljinder Singh, Gurveer Singh and Ajaypal Singh. The police had recovered 6 rifles of 12 bore and 193 cartridges from them. All these turned out to be illegal weapons which do not have any license. For this reason a new case was registered under the Arms Act.

NSA may be imposed on Amritpal, financier arrested The information about Amritpal’s arrest came on Saturday afternoon, but late night police informed that he is absconding. According to sources, National Security Act (NSA) can be imposed on Amritpal. Police has so far arrested more than 100 people associated with ‘Waris Punjab De’. Many rifles and revolvers have been recovered from them.

Amritpal’s financier Daljit Singh Kalsi was arrested from Gurugram. Kalsi is an actor and producer.

A CCTV of Maihatpur in Jalandhar has come to the fore.  In which the police is seen taking Amritpal's associates into custody.

A CCTV of Maihatpur in Jalandhar has come to the fore. In which the police is seen taking Amritpal’s associates into custody.

Suspicion of funding from abroad, entry of NIA possible
The central government was also alerted after getting initial indications of Amritpal’s link with ISI. Amritpal is suspected of getting funding from abroad. His traveling in expensive vehicles is being linked to this. In such a situation, NIA can be entered in this case soon.

4 comrades were sent to Dibrugarh Jail in Assam

The Punjab Police on Saturday took four of Amritpal’s arrested associates to Dibrugarh in Assam. They will be kept in the high security jail there. A special police team took them to Dibrugarh in a special flight from Amritsar overnight and handed them over to the Dibrugarh Jail Authority by Sunday afternoon. The names of these four people were not disclosed.

During the arrest, the Punjab Police recovered weapons from Amritpal's supporters.

During the arrest, the Punjab Police recovered weapons from Amritpal’s supporters.

Mother said – Police took Amritpal somewhere
Amritpal’s mother Balwinder Kaur on Sunday released a video claiming that Amritpal was taken away by the police from Jalandhar’s Shahkot police station. Balwinder Kaur said that a video of Amritpal being taken away from the police station had also surfaced but the police got it removed from the social media.

Balwinder Kaur appealed to the people to reach Shahkot to find Amritpal and find out where Amritpal is. He also appealed to the people to gather and lay siege to the Shahkot police station.

Police stationed outside Amritpal's house in Jallupur Kheda village.

Police stationed outside Amritpal’s house in Jallupur Kheda village.

Amritpal’s father is apprehensive that something may go wrong.
Amritpal’s father told- the police officers are asking the son to surrender. There is apprehension that the police might do something wrong with Amritpal. What crime has Amritpal committed? He is making the youth get rid of their intoxication.

Police found Amritpal's car parked in Nakodar.  He was said to have fled in another car.

Police found Amritpal’s car parked in Nakodar. He was said to have fled in another car.

Internet ban extended for 24 hours, Section 144 in many districts

The ban on mobile internet and bulk SMS services in Punjab was extended for 24 hours on Sunday. Now mobile internet and bulk SMS services will remain closed in the state till 12 noon on Monday. Mobile internet and bulk SMS services were suspended in the state on Saturday to prevent rumors following Amritpal’s scuttling.

Police-administration is on alert mode in entire Punjab. A heavy police force is deployed in Amritpal’s ancestral village Jallupur Kheda in Amritsar. Every person coming and going in the village is being questioned. Search of vehicles is going on.

Section 144 is applicable in many districts including Amritsar, Fazilka, Moga, Muktsar. However, the reason for this was said to be the conference of G20 countries being held in Amritsar. Meanwhile, the police conducted a flag march in Mohali.

Roadways buses closed for two days
Punjab Roadways and Punbus buses will not ply in Punjab on March 19 and 20. The order related to this was issued on Sunday night itself. This decision was taken in view of the apprehension of sabotage by Amritpal’s supporters.

As soon as the news of Amritpal's arrest spread on Saturday, his supporters started protesting in Mohali.  These people had taken swords and sticks in their hands.  During this, police was also present on the spot.

As soon as the news of Amritpal’s arrest spread on Saturday, his supporters started protesting in Mohali. These people had taken swords and sticks in their hands. During this, police was also present on the spot.

Impact of G20 countries on conference in Amritsar
A two-day conference on labor law of G20 countries also started in Amritsar from Sunday. For this, most of the foreign delegates had reached Amritsar on Saturday itself. This conference being held at Amritsar’s Khalsa College and Guru Nanak Dev University (GNDU) has also been affected. Today all the delegates had to go to the Golden Temple to pay obeisance, but the program was canceled due to the critical situation.

Know what happened on Saturday

  • Amritpal had organized his programs at two places in Punjab on Saturday. The first program was in Malsian town of Jalandhar and the second program was in Rampura Phool of Bathinda district. Before these programmes, the police started an operation to arrest people associated with his organization across the state.
  • The whole operation was kept secret. The police force from the surrounding districts was called to Jalandhar overnight. Malsian town is on the Jalandhar-Moga National Highway. There was heavy blockade on this highway since morning.
  • When Amritpal’s convoy reached near Mehatpur at 1 pm on Saturday, the police surrounded it. 7 people traveling in 2 vehicles running ahead in the convoy were caught. Amritpal’s car was at number three in the convoy. Seeing the police, his driver took the vehicle towards Link Road. The police impounded about 60 vehicles.
  • The news of Amritpal being arrested came at around 2.30 pm. By nightfall, it was told from the police side that Amritpal was not found. Search operation has been started in search of him. 78 people associated with ‘Waris Punjab De’ were arrested from across the state.
  • The Punjab Police found Amritpal’s car parked in Nakodar. He was said to have fled in another car.
  • Amritpal’s aide Bhagwant Singh alias Bajeke was caught by the police from his fields in Moga. At that time he was cutting fodder for the animals. Bhagwant Singh went live on social media and showed the policemen moving towards him.
  • Amritpal’s companions started appealing people to gather by posting videos on social media. After this, mobile internet and bulk SMS services were stopped in entire Punjab.
  • Amritpal’s supporters came out on the road in Mohali. Here 150 Nihangs of Qaumi Insaf Morcha started moving towards Chandigarh with swords and sticks. When the police stopped, there was a scuffle. After that the Nihangs blocked the airport road. After this, a bulletproof tractor was deployed here along with the Rapid Action Force.
  • Amritpal’s supporters also blocked the Barnala-Faridkot State Highway. These people sat on the highway near Bahadurpur town. After that a heavy police force was deployed here. Nihangs blocked the airport road in Mohali. Seeing the increasing crowd in their performance, apart from Rapid Action Force, bulletproof tractors were deployed on the spot.

Ajnala police station was attacked
On February 23, 2023, thousands of his supporters, led by Amritpal, the head of pro-Khalistan organization ‘Waris Punjab De’, attacked the Ajnala police station in Amritsar. They had guns and swords in their hands. These people were protesting against the arrest of Lovepreet Singh Toofan, close to Amritpal. The Punjab Police, under pressure from the attack, had to announce the release of Lovepreet Singh Toofan.

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