Israeli hospital: Five embryos kept in a lab for years, families unaware

Five miscarried embryos were kept in a lab for a few years and not buried, without the families being informed, the Yoseftal Medical Center in Eilat announced on Wednesday, according to Israeli media.

On Tuesday, the hospital received a notification from a pathology lab in Ness Ziona that five embryos that were miscarried five to eight years ago were not buried as required and were kept in the lab.

“We emphasize that there are only five cases. The hospital has already informed the families who are relevant to the case and has sent an immediate report as required to the Health Ministry,” said the hospital.

Hospital investigating the incident

“The hospital is conducting a comprehensive investigation with the laboratory to find out the details and expresses regret over the case. The hospital has made available to the families a professional team that includes a specialist doctor, a social worker and many others in order to support and accompany them as needed.”

Yoseftal Medical Center in Eilat (credit: Netanel9530/Wikimedia Commons)

In the case of miscarriages in Israelthe fetuses are transferred to a pathological examination and from there are sent to a fetus burial site without a funeral or ceremony.