Israeli delegation to arrive to Cairo for ceasefire-hostage release negotiation

An Israeli delegation is expected to arrive in Cairo on Saturday as part of negotiations for a ceasefire-hostage release deal in the Gaza Strip, KAN reported citing Egyptian sources.

According to the report, the Israeli delegation will present the names of the Palestinian terrorists that Israel refuses to release and will demand to receive the list of hostages that will be included in the deal.

Egyptian Foreign Affairs Minister Sameh Shoukry, referring to the negotiations, noted: “We cannot say that we have reached an understanding in the negotiations between Israel and Hamas yet,” Maariv quoted him as saying.

Hezbollah-affiliated newspaper Al-Akhbar reported that Israel received warnings, according to which any delay of the discussions, “wastes time and delays reaching a ceasefire agreement before the beginning of the month of Ramadan.”

Egypt still insisting on deal agreed in Paris

Sources who spoke to the Lebanese newspaper stated that in recent days, US pressure exerted on Israel hasn’t been successful, and that Egypt still insisted on sticking to the course of the deal agreed upon in Paris, which includes a 40-day pause in all military operations and the exchange of Palestinian prisoners for Israeli hostages at a ratio of 10 to one.

Gaza hostage families protest on Ayalon highway on January 18, 2024 (credit: LIOR SEGEV)

Al-Akhbar also reported that the Israeli delegation was accompanied by unannounced visits by American officials, who in turn held secret meetings that lasted long hours.

Under the proposed ceasefire, hospitals and bakeries in Gaza would be repaired, 500 aid trucks would enter into the Strip each day, and thousands of tents and caravans would be delivered to house the displaced.

Reuters contributed to this report.