Indian economy’s vibrant energy ‘looking like a wow’: Kumar Mangalam Birla

Image Source : PTI (FILE) Kumar Mangalam Birla

Industrialist Kumar Mangalam Birla expressed optimism about the Indian economy, stating that its vibrant energy is “looking like a wow.” 

A deeply impactful pulse of confidence in the nation is palpable, the billionaire said in his new year message, adding that the meme captures the “unparalleled nature” of the moment.

“The viral meme ‘just looking like a wow’ echoes the vibrant energy of the Indian economy and captures the unparalleled nature of this moment,” Birla remarked. Despite global pockets of pessimism, he noted that India is moving forward with unwavering optimism, attributing it to the dynamism and energy of a young country and ancient civilization.

During his visit to Puri and Rameswaram in 2023, Birla observed a palpable sense that the country is on the move. He also attended the consecration of the Ram Mandir last week, adding that India is filled with optimism, pride, and anticipation, giving credit to the government for the positive situation.

Proposing the creation of a “national confidence index” to measure optimism levels, Birla highlighted the Aditya Birla Group’s achievements, noting a 40 per cent increase in market capitalization to over USD 90 billion in 2023. He emphasised the consolidation of manufacturing businesses and the potential for transformational growth in consumer businesses, including finance, telecom, and paint.

While acknowledging discussions about the end of globalisation, Birla argued for its enduring role, stating that corporations can bridge geopolitical, ideological, and national divides.

“Globalisation in its authentic form doesn’t have to be a zero-sum game. And the model of globalisation that will always work is one that is founded on openness, mutual trust, and transparency,” he said.

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