How To Feel And Look Gorgeous In Your 40s And Beyond?

Ageing is inevitable and there is nothing that a person can change about it. Thinking about the ageing symptoms like wrinkles and grey hair spooks everyone to the core. Staying youthful for life is a dream for many but is it really possible? As unbelievable as it sounds, it is true. Won Dolegowski, Health Coach and Certified Nutrition Consultant recently dropped a post on Instagram. She shared tips on how one can look and feel best in their 40s and beyond. The health coach claims that it is not the age that dictates the outcomes, but your habits, mindset, and lifestyle.

  1. Weightlifting:
    The health expert suggested people do weightlifting thrice or four times a week. She mentioned that it is way beyond looking good. Doing so will boost your strength and help you remain fit and independent with age. “This is the fountain of youth,” she penned.
  2. Walking:
    As underrated as walking is, it is one of the best things that you can do to enhance your wellness and longevity. The best part is that it requires no equipment, can be done just about anywhere, and is low impact.
  3. Prioritize your sleep:
    When you sacrifice your sleep, every aspect of your life suffers. Therefore, by doing otherwise, you can improve it. Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep and get morning sunlight exposure to optimize it.
  4. Bye-bye alcohol:
    Alcohol has adverse effects on the brain, body, and health. It negatively impacts one’s sleep, performance, mood, cognitive function, gut health, hormones, and blood sugar among others. Wondering why you are unable to get rid of your stubborn belly fat? You can blame your alcohol.
  5. Consume nutrient-dense whole food:
    What you eat plays a huge role in your overall health. Consume foods that are rich in protein and make sure to balance them with carbs, fats, and micronutrients. Your goal should be 14 grams of fibre for every 1000 calories.
  6. Stop obsessing about your scale:
    Allow your body to change and evolve. Once you let this number go, you will realize that there are many more important and meaningful things in your life.
  7. Stop thinking that it is too late and that you are too old:
    It is one of the biggest things that set people back is their mindset. You should always remember that there is no age limit to accomplish things. All you need is the will to do things differently. Do it even if you are afraid.
  8. Practice gratitude:
    Rather than fixating on the things that you do not have in your life, be thankful for the things that you do. Acknowledge your blessings and be grateful for how your body shows up for you every day instead of being critical about how it looks like.

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