How This MP Man, Working As Domestic Help And Night Guard, Completed MSc At 56 – News18

He asked people not to give up on their dreams.

He asked people not to give up on their dreams.

Raj Kiran Barau didn’t give up on his dream of acquiring a postgraduate degree in Mathematics, despite his jobs throughout the day.

We often hear inspiring phrases like how one should never give up on their dreams and goals in life. Madhya Pradesh’s Raj Kiran Barau has proved that this notion is indeed true. At the age of 56 years, the man passed the MSc examination in Mathematics after failing 23 times in 25 years, while working as a guard and domestic servant. He hails from Jabalpur. After attempting to successfully pass this course numerous times in his life, Raj Kiran, in an interview, said that he has imbibed two qualities from this experience — effort and patience. He asked people not to give up on their dreams, as these two qualities will definitely help them get through any circumstance.

Raj Kiran’s zeal, passion and enthusiasm are the reasons that even after working as a guard in double shift, he didn’t give up on his dream of acquiring a postgraduate degree in Mathematics. While talking to News18, he said that it cannot be expressed in words how difficult this exam was for him.

While sharing his inspiration behind the selection of this course, he said that he once went to a school to teach mathematics to students. The school staff and students appreciated his teaching skills, so he decided to opt for post-graduation in Mathematics. In the 90s, there was always an option for choosing an optional subject, while doing an MSc course. He chose Mathematics as an optional subject. He enrolled for MSc in Mathematics course at Rani Durgavati University in 1996, after the university approved the application. Raj Kiran appeared for the MSc examination for the first time in 1997; but unfortunately, he couldn’t pass the examination. For the next 10 years, he could pass only two out of five subjects.

During the interaction, Raj Kiran said that he neither gave up nor cared about what people said about his failure. Finally, during the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, he passed the MSc first-year examination, which was followed by a second-year examination. He used to get a total salary of Rs 6000 from his two jobs. Raj Kiran worked as a domestic servant in a bungalow as well. He used to earn Rs 1500 from this job. At night ,he used to work as a security guard with a monthly pay of Rs 5,000. From this meagre income, he also used to save money for buying books and depositing examination fees.