How RCB vs LSG IPL 2023 Eliminator Match Can Be a Possibility? Virat Kohli vs Gautam Gambhir: Fiery Showdown on the Cards Again?

Rivalries are an inherent part of any sport, and the IPL has witnessed its fair share of iconic rivalries throughout its illustrious history, involving both teams and players. Some rivalries are born out of mutual respect and the desire for bragging rights, while others are fueled by the passion of the fans. Often, it is the players who find themselves at the center of these intense rivalries.

In IPL 2023, no other rivalry has come close to matching the intensity of RCB vs LSG. It all started in a fiercely contested league game at the Chinnasway Stadium, where LSG emerged as winners in a thrilling encounter that went down to the last ball. The subsequent events that unfolded, particularly the actions of LSG mentor Gautam Gambhir, who gestured towards the Bangalore crowd, did not sit well with Virat Kohli.

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True to his nature, Kohli responded in kind during the return fixture in Lucknow, rallying the Lucknow crowd and exchanging taunts with the LSG bench. The situation escalated when Mohammad Siraj and Afghanistan’s Naveen ul Haq engaged in a tense staredown, prompting Kohli to step in. In the heat of the moment, Kohli unleashed a barrage of verbal abuses, inadvertently involving the experienced Amit Mishra in the crossfire.

Eventually, RCB emerged victorious in the match, and Kohli took the opportunity to rub it in with the crowd. Naveen’s disrespectful handshake and exchanged words further fueled Kohli’s fire, leading to a heated confrontation between Kohli and LSG mentor Gautam Gambhir. This clash reignited memories of their previous encounter from a decade ago, requiring the intervention of both teams to defuse the tensions.

However, the rivalry didn’t conclude there. A series of jibes and taunts were exchanged through social media posts between Kohli, Naveen, and Gambhir, further stoking the flames of animosity. What lies ahead if a potential third game between these two teams becomes a reality?

Well, it promises pure entertainment, but is it a possibility? Very much so.

Will RCB vs LSG Meet in the Playoffs?

There is a real chance that RCB and LSG could meet once again this season. LSG currently sits in third place, with RCB in fourth place in the points table. If this scenario continues, RCB and LSG will face each other in the eliminator, a high-octane clash that serves as a knockout game. The pressure and emotions surrounding this game will be immense.

With 15 points, LSG has one game left against KKR. If they win, they will reach 17 points and potentially secure a top-two spot. In that case, LSG will face GT in Qualifier 1. If CSK wins their last game, LSG will likely remain in the third spot, even with a win against KKR.

A loss for LSG would leave them vulnerable to elimination if MI and RCB both win their final matches. But we don’t want to think about that, do we?

RCB vs LSG Eliminator IPL 2023 Scenario

If CSK wins today against DC, they will secure second place. If LSG and RCB also win their respective games, they will be placed third and fourth, setting up the eliminator between these two teams.

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RCB vs LSG Qualifier 2 IPL 2023 Scenario

If LSG wins against KKR and reaches 17 points while CSK loses to DC, LSG will finish in second place and face GT in Qualifier 1.

RCB vs LSG Qualifier 2 IPL 2023 Scenario

If LSG wins against KKR and reaches 17 points while CSK loses to DC, LSG will finish in 2nd place and play GT in Qualifier 1. If LSG loses Qualifier 1, they will have to play Qualifier 2 for a second chance to make it to the final. Now, RCB, if they qualify in 3rd place or 4th place – which they can achieve by winning against GT in their last league game – then they will play the eliminator against either CSK or MI. If RCB manages to win that match, it will set up LSG vs RCB in Qualifier 2.

There is another possibility of RCB finishing the league stages in the second spot. If CSK, LSG, and MI lose their matches, and RCB wins theirs, RCB will finish second, followed by CSK and LSG. In this scenario, RCB will play GT in Qualifier 1, while CSK and LSG will face off in Eliminator 1. If RCB loses to GT, they will move to Qualifier 2, and LSG, by defeating CSK, will also qualify for Qualifier 2. These two teams could potentially meet for the third time.

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RCB vs LSG IPL 2023 Final Match Scenario

Let’s take this further and hypothetically assume that LSG qualifies in 2nd place, defeats GT in Qualifier 1, and reaches the final. RCB finishes in either 3rd or 4th place, wins their Eliminator and Qualifier 2, and secures a spot in the final. In that case, RCB and LSG will face each other in the IPL 2023 final, setting up a fiery showdown between Virat Kohli, Gautam Gambhir, and Naveen ul Haq.