Horoscope Today, July 3, 2023: Your Daily Astrological Prediction for Gemini, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Pisces, Scorpio and Other Zodiac Signs – News18

HOROSCOPE TODAY, JULY 3, 2023: During the oracle reading, it was revealed that the key to success is a clear mindset. It is important to focus on the present moment and avoid being distracted by past regrets or future worries. The reading also suggests a surprise from family, which could be positive or negative, but either way it will require a calm and level-headed approach. To achieve goals and overcome any obstacles, one must stay self-motivated and believe in their own abilities.

Finally, a short trip is on the horizon, which could provide a much-needed change of scenery and an opportunity to recharge. It is important to approach this trip with an open mind and a willingness to explore new things.


The oracle reading indicates mood swings and a dreamy outlook when it comes to romance. Be cautious of getting too lost in fantasy and focus on practical communication. Try keeping it simple and not overruling others in the workplace. A movement might be coming, so stay focused and flexible. A sign to make a wise investment from the universe might be seen but you must still prioritize savings.

Stick to standard financial rules to ensure success. Minor headaches and a need for change in routine and lifestyle is indicated. Pay attention to self-care and take time to relax and recharge. Your lucky number is 9 and lucky color is red. Garnet might be your lucky crystal.


The oracle reading suggests that in matters of the heart, too much may be withheld, leading to frustration and misunderstandings. Communication is key to building a strong foundation. You do have a mastermind for your career, but you may feel claustrophobic and have mixed feelings about your current job. It is time to explore new opportunities. Past investments, especially in gold, may pay off now. However, bank work issues may cause stress.

The oracle reading suggests focusing on financial stability and seeking professional help if needed. A focus on the stomach, warning of potential infections and rashes. Take precautions, such as washing hands and eating healthy, to maintain good health. Your lucky number is 8 and lucky color is Green. A teakwood article might be your lucky possession.


The oracle reading suggests a mild flirtation could lead to a new beginning. For those already committed, a marriage ceremony may be on the horizon. It’s a milestone time in your career where you can make your mark. Recognition is around the corner if you stay determined and focused. Limit your spends and curb unnecessary expenditures.

Plan wisely and save for the future to attain financial stability. Begin walking to improve health. Joining a group can provide motivation and support to achieve your fitness goals. Your lucky number is 15 and lucky color is Beige. A selenite might be your lucky crystal.


The oracle reading suggests that those not yet committed may soon find “the one.” It’s time to settle down and trust the signs from above. If you have a fixed income and a boring but stable job, it’s time to stir things up. You may want to take risks and follow your passion. The reading warns of financial burden and loans to be paid off. It’s time to take responsibility and prioritize family and personal finances.

You must take steps towards boosting your immunity and detoxifying the body. Take control of your health and make necessary lifestyle changes for a better quality of life. Your lucky number is 3 and lucky color is orange. Carnelian might be your lucky crystal.


In love, the oracle reading suggests being future-ready by committing to the same person, as romance is in the air. This may bring happiness and stability to the relationship. Avoid being self-absorbed and working in isolation. Underestimating others may lead to missed opportunities. Collaborate and value the opinions of colleagues for growth. Observe caution as you may need to prioritize repayment of loans. You may not be in a hurry to earn as it could lead to minor losses. Take calculated risks and stay vigilant. Try keeping a positive mindset and refresh goals for good health.

Maintain a balanced approach towards fitness, incorporating both physical and mental well-being. Taking one step at a time may help achieving new goals. Your lucky number is 4 and lucky color is grey. Tourmaline might be your lucky crystal.


The oracle reading indicates a massive burden of past emotional hurt. You may feel scared to proceed in relationships, but healing and self-care are essential for a brighter future. In your career, be careful and vigilant, but also willing to be aggressive when necessary. However, avoid becoming too stubborn and inflexible in your approach. The oracle warns against being careless while spending.

While you have the capacity to earn, don’t fall for temptations and focus on making wise financial decisions. There is a need to overcome laziness and procrastination. Incorporating yoga into your routine for both physical and mental well-being is indicated. Your lucky number is 2 and lucky colour is forest Green. An emerald might be your lucky crystal.


The oracle reading suggests a period of contentment and celebration in love. Gaiety and joy will prevail in relationships, and new love may blossom. Love and positivity are in the air. It would be good to stay vigilant in your career. Climbing the ladder will require hard work and dedication. Superiors will be watching, so stay focused and aim high. A large sum of money is on the horizon.

A sign from above suggests that hard work and determination will lead to financial success. Stay focused and keep working towards your goals. You may be exploring new places and meet new people to improve your health. Incorporating a fitness regime into your routine will also bring positive changes. Take care of yourself and enjoy new experiences. Your lucky number is 1 and lucky colour is red. Garnet might be your lucky crystal.


In matters of love, a fierce and passionately forceful approach may lead to premature love. Slow down and let the relationship develop naturally. Your career may be fast moving and rushing, but watch this now to avoid burnout. Take breaks and make time for self-care to maintain productivity. When it comes to money, practical knowledge is key.

Consider investing in shares and stocks to maximize profit, but always do your research and make informed decisions. Don’t let mundane routines negatively affect your health. Find a partner or support system to motivate and hold you accountable for breaking old habits and adopting new healthy ones. Your lucky number is 17 and lucky colour is pistachio green. An amazonite might be your lucky crystal.


The oracle suggests it’s time to forget the past and move on to a new chapter in love. Let go of old wounds and open your heart to new possibilities. Love may be on the horizon. A pleasant surprise might be on the way in your career. A hike or promotion is possible, and a new person may join your team, bringing fresh energy and ideas. Keep an open mind.

The oracle indicates it’s time to start from scratch with your financial planning. Let go of old habits and embrace new opportunities. A new source of income may be coming your way. You’re advised to avoid oily foods and incorporate exercise into your routine. Jog or cycle to boost your physical and mental health, and avoid lethargy by staying active. Your lucky number is 11 and lucky colour is coral. Teal Blue might be your lucky crystal.


The oracle predicts an interesting person coming into your life soon, leading to fun times. Stay open to new experiences and love will flourish. A new mission is on the horizon, but do not rush into anything. Be cautious of power-hungry co-workers and stay focused on your own goals. Start from a place of suspense and take time to gain clarity on financial decisions.

You may decide to look into past investments for potential growth. A short trip and meeting new friends could improve your well-being. You may start exploring healthy options and make self-care a priority. Your lucky number is 6 and lucky colour is maroon. Lapis lazuli might be your lucky crystal.


In matters of love, old school charm will reign supreme as memories resurface. A dream may become a reality, or an old crush may resurface. The career front feels rushed and overwhelming, suggesting the need for some time off. Pursue your passions and reconnect with your true calling. Money matters bring mixed responses with a need to start from hard earned savings. A sense of fatigue has set in, but don’t lose hope.

Health concerns call for a retreat or change in environment to bring renewed energy. Take a break and prioritize self-care to regain vitality. Your lucky number is 18 and lucky colour is tan. Ruby might be your lucky crystal.


The oracle reading reveals that love may be hard to find for some, while others may find that the passion has grown cold. It’s time to rekindle the flames and reignite the spark in your relationship. Interesting times ahead for your career. Students may experience a change in their plans, while others may need to plan for something new. It’s time to take action and explore new opportunities. You may have substantial savings or assets, but it’s important to upgrade your skills and seek professional advice.

With proper planning and management, your financial situation will improve. You may consider taking a road trip to gain new perspectives and explore new places. Sign up for a dance class or try a new form of exercise to improve your physical and mental health. Your lucky number is 12 and lucky colour is white. A pearl might be your lucky crystal.