Has Chef Venkatesh Bhatt Quit Cooku With Komali Show? What We Know – News18

Season 4 continues to entertain and delight audiences with its unique blend of comedy and cooking talents.

Fans say Venkatesh has left the show to settle down abroad.

One of the favourite television shows, Cooku With Komali, which airs on Vijay TV, is a hilarious cooking show that has seen tremendous success over the previous three seasons. The highly anticipated fourth season premiered on January 28, featuring renowned chefs Chef Thamu and Chef Venkatesh Bhatt as judges, with Rakshan continuing as the host. Notably, many of the contestants from Cook With Komali have been receiving exciting opportunities in the silver screen industry, garnering immense appreciation and love from the audience.

Recent reports have sparked speculation about Judge Venkatesh Bhatt’s departure from the show, as he has been sharing pictures from abroad on social media. Some believe that Venkatesh may have left the show to settle down abroad, although no official confirmation has been made public at this time.

Season 4 of Cooku With Komali introduced ten talented contestants, including Shivangi, who transitioned from being a clown in previous seasons to showcasing her culinary skills this time. Other participants included actress Srishti Tange, popular actress Sherin, actress Visitra, Ajith film actor Raja Ayyappa, Bhagyalakshmi, VJ Vishal, Kalyan, Maim Gopi, Kishore, and Andrea.

The clowns from previous seasons, such as Pram, Qureshi, Sunitha, and Thangadurai, returned, while new clowns GP Muthu, Singapore Deepan, Raveena, Monisha, Chilmisa Siva, Otteri Siva, and others joined the show. Notably, Gajesh, the legendary actor and grandson of Nagesh, and art director and actor Kiran made wildcard entries. Several contestants, including Kishore, Raja Ayyappa, VJ Vishal, Sherin, Kalyan, Gajesh, and Andrian, have been eliminated so far, leaving fans shocked by Adrian’s exit in the latest episode.

Overall, season 4 continues to entertain and delight audiences with its unique blend of comedy and cooking talents, showcasing the incredible journey of its contestants in the culinary world.