Guinness Record: One hand, two hands of a goat! Fighting Pakistan

The practice in Karachi, Pakistan, is now one. A little goat. How? In fact, the goat is small, but one of its limbs is unusually large.

Everyone’s eyes are on the little goat’s ears. Why? Because the size of the ear is about 19 inches. Such incidents are rare not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

His ‘recognition’ also matched. The goat has been named in the Guinness Book of World Records. Of course, the goat will not have his name? Her name is ‘Simba’. The lumbar goat is named after the lion.

According to experts, this is the result of a mutation in a gene. In just 20 days, the ears of a goat are several times larger than its body. Her ears rubbed against the ground as she walked.

Although with long ears, Simba is not particularly worried about the crowd coming to take selfies. He swears. No problem for the ears.

Goats of the Simba breed usually have large ears. But not so big at all. And that is why a part of the people of Karachi are gathering to see Simba. Many are asking for big money to buy him.