Google CEO said – money is not everything, enjoy work: employees were angry due to cut in allowances, advice given in weekly meeting

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  • Google CEO Sundar Pichai To Employees: Forget Money, Just Have Fun At Work

New Delhi19 minutes ago

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Google has cut its employees’ entertainment, travel budget and allowances. According to media reports, when an employee asked a question on this in the company’s weekly meeting, the company’s CEO Sundar Pichai got furious. He said that money and allowance are not everything. This decision has been taken keeping in view your interests due to recession. Instead of worrying about these things, enjoy the work.

Sundar said on the slow hiring process
Sundar Pichai said that you are working with a hardworking startup, it should not be compared with money. I remember when Google was not that big, even then we used to have fun. During this, the CEO of Google also responded on the slow hiring process in the company.

We have enough people for the job, he said. We may have 20 people or 100 people in our team, but the focus should be on the growth of the company.

Many employees left the company
According to media reports, Google was able to earn less than expected in the second quarter. In such a situation, the company has cut the budget of entertainment, travel budget, high cash reserve and allowances of the employees. There is anger among the employees about this, while many employees have also left the company.

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