Girl ‘helpless’ who has conquered 7 peaks: sought help from the Sukhu government of Himachal, said – I want to hoist the tricolor on Mount Everest

Shimla3 hours ago

Mountaineer Baljit Kaur, who lives in Himachal’s Solan district, has appealed to Sports Minister Vikramaditya Singh for help. Baljeet Kaur, who has conquered many peaks since 2016, has demanded from the state government that she should be given a budget to move forward in her game. Due to financial constraints, the player is not able to perform properly.

Baljeet has conquered these peaks
In 2021, became the first woman mountaineer to climb Mount Pamori, which is situated at an altitude of 7161 meters in Nepal. Fateh reached the 8,000 meter Dhaulagiri peak of Nepal. On that too, Baljit Kaur reached as the first Indian woman. In 2022, the tricolor was hoisted on 5 peaks Mount Annapurna, Mount Kanchenjunga, Mount Everest, Mount Lhotse and Mount Makalu.

Baljeet Kaur speaking in front of Minister Vikramaditya Singh.

players get budget
Baljeet Kaur says that there should not be any kind of financial burden on the player to move forward in his field. For this, the government needs to make a policy. She had also come to seek help from the previous government, in which Vikramaditya, despite not being in power, had reached the ears of the BJP government and received an amount of 3 lakhs. Now a ray of hope has arisen after Vikramaditya became the sports minister. That is why I have come to the Secretariat.

Players are leaving the game due to lack of facilities
Baljit Kaur wants to conquer Mount Everest without oxygen sport system. He said that when she goes on a mission, she does not even know whether she will return or not. If the government makes proper arrangement of funds for the players, then the players of the state will also focus more on making new records. Due to lack of facilities, many players are giving up their sports career, which is a huge failure of the system.

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