German Pharma Company Lays Out Job Offer For ‘Weed Smokers’, With Whopping Salary of Rs 88 Lakh

Germany: A German company is reportedly hiring ‘weed smokers,’ and their monthly wage will astound you. The company is apparently offering a whopping 88.000 euros (approximately Rs 88 lakh) for the role of ‘cannabis sommelier’. 

According to media reports, the organisation received a rush of applications for unusual employment. However, the candidate must be a cannabis expert and have valid German marijuana smoking permission to be considered for the position. According to media sources, the corporation will appoint experts to inspect the product’s quality. Cannamedical, based in Cologne, serves German pharmacies by looking for employees who can “smell, feel, and smoke” the product.

The products of the Cologne-based company are primarily sourced from Australia, Canada, Portugal, Macedonia, and Denmark.

Last year, Germany’s Health Minister proposed legalising and decriminalizing marijuana. The minister had asked the German government to legalize recreational of up to 30 grammes of marijuana and enable adults to sell it. Marijuana, on the other hand, is illegal in practically every country save Malta. Germany would become the second European country to legalise marijuana, following Malta.