Gaza Truce Deal By Ramadan “Tough” | Dozens Of “Hamas Terrorists” Killed | Hezbollah Hits “IDF Base” – News18

US President Joe Biden said it’s “looking tough” for a temporary ceasefire agreement in Gaza by the start of Ramadan. The CENTCOM* released a statement denying that US humanitarian aid airdropped into Gaza caused the death of several Palestinians. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan compared Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with Hitler, Stalin and Mussolini. Yemen’s Iran-backed Houthis claimed to have targeted US bulk carrier Propel Fortune in the Gulf of Aden. The Israel Defence Forces (IDF) said its troops killed over 30 gunmen during operations across the Gaza Strip. A US charity said it is loading aid for Gaza onto a boat in Cyprus, preparing for the first shipment to the war-ravaged territory. Watch the video to find out more.