Former Amazon HR Manager Shocked By Discovery Of Gun Picture In Candidates Resume

New Delhi: In the realm of job searching, resumes narrate the tale of a person’s professional journey. Lindsay Mustain is well-versed in this domain boasting almost two decades of experience in Human Resources (HR) with notable stints at Amazon.

Over her career, she has encountered an extensive array of resumes having hired over 10,000 individuals and reviewed more than a million resumes. Nonetheless, one particular resume from 2007 remains vivid in her recollection. (Also Read: Meta Will Stop Suggesting Political Content To Users On Both Instagram And Threads)

During that period, Mustain was employed at Comcast, a large corporation. Her task was to recruit individuals for their call center positions which involve answering phones and assisting customers. While sifting through piles of resumes, one document stood out to her but not for positive reasons. (Also Read: Tech Layoffs Surges By 136% In 2024; Is AI To Blame? Check What Study Claims)

The majority of resumes appeared typical containing details about the applicants’ skills and previous employment. However, when Mustain reached the final page, she was taken aback to find a large photograph.

It depicted the individual holding a shotgun similar to those used by hunters. Despite the fact that the person wasn’t aiming the firearm at the camera, Mustain couldn’t comprehend why they would include such an image on their job application, as she explained to CNBC Make It.

Reflecting on the incident, Mustain offered some advice for individuals crafting their resumes. She suggested keeping it concise, limiting it to just two pages which makes it easier for the reader to identify the key information. She advised against including a photograph unless it’s absolutely essential for the job.

Mustain strongly cautioned against incorporating images with firearms as it can create discomfort and convey an unsafe impression to potential employers. “Unless you’re a model or a real estate agent, I suggest avoiding adding a photo to your resume,” she emphasized.

Furthermore, she stressed the importance of steering clear of firearms in resume photos deeming it highly unappealing. “Honestly, with someone like that,” she remarked, “I wouldn’t want to be associated with them because they seem like a danger.”

Lindsay Mustain’s experience serves as a valuable lesson in the significance of presenting oneself appropriately in the job market. Her encounter with a resume featuring a gun picture underscores the importance of exercising discretion and professionalism when crafting application materials.