Father-in-law broke daughter-in-law’s head in Delhi: Wanted to do a job, father-in-law had objection, so hit her with a brick; 17 stitches came

New Delhi4 minutes ago

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The video of the incident was recorded in a CCTV installed in Prem Nagar area itself.

In Delhi, a man broke his daughter-in-law’s head with a brick. The incident took place in Prem Nagar area on Tuesday. Which got recorded in the CCTV installed there. In the video, a woman named Kajal is seen walking in the street. Then his father-in-law comes from behind. There is an argument between both of them. After this the person hits a brick on his head.

The woman falls due to a sudden attack. Later she runs away from there to save herself. This video of the fight has gone viral on social media. After this the police have registered the case.

the person sitting nearby was watching
When the father-in-law and daughter-in-law were fighting, a person sitting there kept watching the whole incident, but did nothing to help the woman. Police said the person carrying the brick has been identified as the father-in-law of the woman. After the incident, Kajal was taken to the hospital, where she got 17 stitches on her head.

There was objection to daughter-in-law’s job
According to reports, Kajal’s father Satyaprakash told that his daughter was married to Praveen. Who works in Civil Defense Service. His daughter also wanted to do a job. He had to go for an interview on Tuesday, but Kajal’s father-in-law objected to this. There was a debate between them about this. Kajal refused to obey her father-in-law, after which she carried out the incident.

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