Explained: How India’s Improving Road, Rail Network Has Dented Bengaluru-Mysuru Flight Services?

The flight services between Bengaluru and Mysuru are suffering because people are extensively using other modes of transport like Bengaluru-Mysuru express highway and train to travel between the two cities, as per Deccan Herald’s report. It is to be noted that the distance between the two cities is 140 km. Furthermore, the time to cover the distance is shortened because of the Bengaluru-Mysuru highway on the outskirts of Mysuru, and it takes them around 70 minutes to cover the distance.

Bengaluru Traffic Snarls

Adding to the short distance, another reason for not using the flight to commute between the cities is the traffic snarls one has to face to reach Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport because of bottlenecks surrounding the area.

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Train Services Between Bengaluru-Mysuru

The frequency of trains between Bengaluru and Mysuru, at 33, must be highlighted as being among the highest in the entire country. Furthermore, the train network is aided by the recently launched Vande Bharat Express train on the route.

Since many travellers would rather take the Mysuru-Bengaluru Expressway or trains like the Wadiyar Express, Shatabdi, and Vande Bharat Express to travel to Bengaluru, airport officials acknowledged that the demand for Mysuru-Bengaluru flights is improbable.

Dent in Bengaluru-Mysuru Flight Services

As per a report of the Deccan Herald, there has been no flight between Mysuru-Bengaluru since November 2022. Deccan Herald quotes Mysuru Airport Director saying, “It was necessary earlier, when there were no direct flights to various destinations. It helped the passengers to catch connecting flights without going out of the KIA. Now, we have a few direct flights.”

Currently, Mysuru Airport operates flights to five destinations in the nation, including two daily flights to Hyderabad and Chennai, one daily flight to Goa, two weekly flights to Hubbali, and the recently launched route to Sindhudurg in Maharashtra.

The flight on Mysuru-Sindhudurg route was inaugurated on February 1. However, reports suggested that the flight operated by Alliance Air did not get any bookings, and the route might be set to fail in the coming future.