Elon Musk replies THIS to Twitter user who mocked him for losing $200 billion

New Delhi: Tech billionaire and the owners of Twitter, Tesla, and SpaceX Elon Musk has become the first person in human history to lose overall net worth of $200. Never ever before any billionaire lost this much amount of the wealth in the list of the richest person of the world. The major drop of his wealth is attributed to sharp decline in the net value of Tesla’s shares, which experts associated with Elon Musk distraction from the company due to Twitter Saga and Supply-Chain contraint in China accentuated by Russia-Ukraine conflict.

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A Twitter user named Not Jerome Powell took the platform to comment on the Elon Musk’s exponential loss. He wrote, “If you are having a bad year casue you lost a lot of money in the market remember that Elon Musk has lost  $200 billion and is still making jokes on Twitter.”

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Musk replied to him with a man shrugging emoji.

Netizens don’t follow the bandwagon

One user named Nick Flor commented that he didn’t see it that way at all. It’s not so much that Elon Musk had lost money, but instead that he had invested in an opportunity. He further added that Twitter had the opportunity to crush all other social media platforms.

Another user Kevin Janeway wrote, “All on paper. Remember that.”

Twitter user Dimitriy Strunin asked who lost more, someone with 340 B losing 200B or or you’re regular Joe with 200K in savings losing 150k+. He added it’s all relative folks.

A user named Space Simian commented that he never had $200 billion, that was just unrealised gains.