Don’t search THESE topics on Google, OTHERWISE…

New Delhi: In today̵7;s time, Google is used in every street and locality as people are tech-savvy. The search engine is the one-stop destination for each and every search. If you ask a question to Google, it answers it immediately. As more and more IT rules are getting stronger you can’t do every question on Google. Finding answers to some questions on Google can be very expensive. Let us figure out which questions you should avoid searching on Google.

There are many things which are prohibited from Google searches. Government take the step to safeguard national security. When you search for any objectionable content on Google, your IP address will reach directly the security agencies.

Child pornography

Child pornography is a very sensitive topic. You should avoid searching for it on Google. Also, you may have to pay a heavy fine.

Film piracy

Most people are versed in film piracy. It has been banned in India. Even after, many people search for film piracy. If you are caught pirating a movie on Google or doing a search for anything related to it, you can face a heavy fine. Also, you may have to go behind the bar.

Bomb-making process

Do not make this mistake at all, because Google keeps a close eye on Bomb Search. If you search the process of making bombs on Google even by mistake or jokingly, it is considered a violation of the rules. You can also be sent to jail for doing so.