Doctors in Rohtak PGI saved the girl’s life: Pin stuck in the lung, found out when she coughed; Successfully operated for 3 hours

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  • Rohtak News; Doctors Saved A 13 year old Girl By Becoming God, Pin Was Stuck In Her Lungs, For First Time In PGIMS, Such An Operation Lasted For 3 Hours

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By saving the life of a 13-year-old girl, the doctors of PGI, Rohtak, Haryana have once again proved that doctors are not called God of the earth for no reason. The girl, who is undergoing treatment in the Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, is now completely healthy and has been sent home.

Giving information about this, Dr. Pawan, Associate Professor, Department of Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine, PGI said that about two months ago, a 13-year-old girl accidentally swallowed a pin. Which had gone into the lungs through his breath. The girl started coughing because the pin had gone too low in her lungs.

Oxygen level decreased due to pin stuck
She took it lightly in the beginning and gradually the cough increased and she had difficulty in breathing along with fever. After which last week reached to show in C block of PGIMS. Doctors in their preliminary investigation found that the oxygen level of the girl was getting very low and she was coughing continuously.

flesh stuck to the pin
Dr. Pawan told that on this the city scan of the girl was done under the guidance of Dr. Dhruv Chaudhary, Head of the Department. Everyone was surprised to see that an all pin was stuck in the very bottom part of the left lung of the girl. On which the layer of flesh was also frozen.

Oxygen level was getting low again and again
In order to save the girl’s life, Dr. Suresh Singhal’s team, Head of the Anesthesia Department, together with the doctors of the ENT department formed a joint team and started the operation. There was a lot of difficulty in the beginning of the operation, because the girl’s oxygen level suddenly dropped sharply as soon as an attempt was made to remove the pin through bronchoscopy.

Operation done by taking on ventilator and under complete unconsciousness
In such a situation, a big challenge was also arising in front of the fertilization department. To save the girl, now an operation was the last way left in front of the doctors, due to which the rigid bronchoscopy operation was started by taking the girl on ventilator and making her completely unconscious.

3 hours operation
After this successful operation which lasted for about 3 hours, the girl was kept under the supervision of doctors on ventilator for 2 days. Now the girl is completely healthy and sent her home. Dr. Pawan told that Dr. Aman Ahuja, Dr. Anamika, Dr. Mamta Jain, technicians Ashok Kumar and Sunil contributed with him in this complicated operation.

first complicated operation
He told that Dr. Chandni’s team from ENT department was also kept ready as a backup. Dr. Dhruv Chowdhary told that this type of complex operation has been done for the first time in PGIMS by his department. For which the whole team made the patient healthy by taking him out of the mouth of death.

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